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    • Have the banksters set up a system so corrupt that it's going to bring the rest of the world to it's knees...soon?
    • The real truth about Reagan's biggest treason and the October surprise?
    • What is the true state of American journalism?
    • Carbon allowances...should we all have one?
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  • Quote: "False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news." - Adrienne Rich.
  • Eric in Sandiego called and said that Max Keiser had said that he made a mistake voting for Obama, and others feel the same way. Thom replied,

    Eric, let me say, first of all, had we had John McCain in, it would be a disaster, it would be Herbert Hoover on steroids, number one. Number two, I agree that this stimulus package was a joke. And the main reason it was a joke was because, although it had some value, but a third of it was tax cuts. Now, who was pushing for that? The Republicans. This was the cost of getting, and some of the corporate-owned Democrats. This was the cost of getting it thorough Congress.

    I agree that President Obama is getting the wrong financial advice from the wrong people. He's listening to Clinton's people and Clinton, you know, just followed right, you know, Clinton: "the age of big government is over, this is the end of welfare as we know it, we've got to have free and open trade with the world". These comments are what brought us here. It's the Tom Friedman school of stupid economics. It's the Tom Friedman, Milton Friedman, libertarian, corporate democrat, transnational corporate friendly school of economics that says, "it's good for the big corporations, it's good for the big transnational corporations, who cares what impact it has on America".

    I mean, look, the Republican Party is talking about Carly Fiorina running for the United States Senate against Barbara Boxer as I recall, or was it governor of California? I mix them up. IN any case, I'm pretty sure it was the Senate. Carly Fiorina, the head of, she was the president of Hewlett Packard, and on her tenure she took over almost 20,000 US jobs, did away with them, and sent them off to China, and that's the kind of person the Republicans want to salute.

    I, you know, I'm one of those hope springs eternal people. I really believe that if we yell out enough and if we push hard enough, and I tip my hat to Congressman Peter DeFazio who's been a guest on this program many, many times over the years, and one of the most progressive members of the House of Representatives, a brilliant guy and a true curmudgeon. Peter DeFazio yesterday saying, "hey, it's time to fire Geithner and Summers". Spot on, congressman, spot on. We need more people saying that honestly.


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