Tuesday November 10th 2009

death penalty 2 imagesHour One: If we're going to purge Muslims from the military, should we purge all religious fanatics? Thom is challenging Bryan Fisher www.afa.net

Hour Two: "Everything You Know is Wrong...about the Rules of the Game!" Neil Strauss, the "world's #1 pick up artist," joins Thom neilstrauss.com

Plus...Did The Family play a big role in the Stupak/Pitts Amendment to the Health Care bill in the House...with Jeff Sharlet www.rollingstone.com

Hour Three: "Should children who kill get the death penalty?" Thom spars with death penalty proponent Dudley Sharp www.homicidesurvivors.org

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Hello All

Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

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