Wednesday November 11th 2009

jobs imagesHour One - Why do you want big corporations to run America and ultimately your life? Fred O'Neal, Chair of the newly registered "Tea Party" (not live yet though)

As predatory monopoly capitalism run amok in the post-Reagan deregulated era, as corporations are getting bigger and bigger and increasingly holding average Americans hostage in ways ranging from credit card rates to gotcha mortgages to health insurance companies that dump tens of thousands of people a day simply because they get sick, who can stand up to such massively concentrated power?  The Founders of this nation, facing such overwhelming corporate power when the British East India Company monopolized the trade in tea, sought to overthrow that corporate power with the Boston Tea Party.  Now, in an odd about-face, the ninth richest man in the world and some of America's largest and dirtiest industries are funding a "tea party" movement that has turned into a party to further weaken the nation our Founders started in its ability to control corporate excesses.

Hour Two -  Should we put the gambling regulators in charge of our economy? Dean Baker,  Economist

Since Ronald Reagan, Phil Gramm, and other Republicans deregulated our banks, hedge funds, and have taken a hands-off approach to the Fed, Three Senators have come up with an unique idea.  How about instead of banking regulators looking over their affairs, we turn to the Gambling regulators in the states?  Senators Cantwell, Wyden, and Sanders have made the tongue-in-cheek proposal to show how absurd it is that we've let the Libertarian ideal of predatory monopoly capitalism grow so out of control.  Meanwhile, as the stock market rises we hemorrhage jobs.

Hour Three -  Why would right wingers stoop to calling environmentalists terrorists? Dan Gainor

Why would right wingers stoop to calling environmentalists terrorists?  Osama Bin Laden pointed out a lot of things in his writings leading up to the 9/11 attacks.  He predicted that while Bill Clinton had refused to take his bait and turn him into an international superstar, that George W. Bush would do exactly that.  He predicted that Bush would so overreact to an act of terrorism that it would bankrupt America.  And Bin Laden pointed out that America is the largest carbon dioxide polluter in the world yet failed to sign the Kyoto accord.  Why are conservatives now quoting Bin Laden?

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