Bend Over....

bend over imagesAccording to the upcoming New York Times Magazine, during the time of the tough negotiations over executive compensation headed by pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, Wall Street had an ally - in both the Treasury Department and the New York Federal Reserve. No one fought harder, though, than CFO David Herzog, who threatened to leave the firm if he didn't get to keep his $1.5 million bonus. Time wrote, "No one at A.I.G. seemed to be embarrassed to argue that the chief financial officer of Wall Street's Titanic was irreplaceable." One interesting note - AIG's spent $3 million from taxpayers -- on two compensation consultants and two Wall Street firms to file their compensation proposal to Feinberg. These guys really are terrorists - they strap metaphorical explosives on themselves and threaten to blow up the economy if we don't give them what they want.  They're terrorist bombers!  And how they're saying "bend over and take it" to the Obama administration and Obama is asking them "How far?"  And when your tax bill comes in April - about $700 for every man, woman, and child in America going to the banksters, they'll be asking us to bend over and smile.

In Strange News...Rush Limbaugh was rushed  with chest pains to the very Honolulu Hospital that gave rise to the ‘Birther’ Conspiracy". Reports says he is resting comfortably and today informed his doctors he takes pain medication for back pain and would like some more - NOW!  Quickly!!! Please?????  And here you wondered why Rush was bouncing at CPAC and is constantly pulling his shirt away from his chest on his webcam.  Just ask any junkie...

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