Corporaterrorists on the Congress

lieberman 2 imagesSenate Democrats on Monday evening dropped the plan to include the Medicare to 55 expansion, winning the support of Joe Lieberman and the acquiescence of liberals, in another major step toward building enough support to pass a health-care corporaterrorist giveaway. Lieberman repeatedly touted expanding Medicare during his run for president in 2004 and as recently as 3 months ago. Why is Joe opposing it now? It's becoming increasingly obvious that Joe's wife's lobbying for the health insurance gangsters, combined with his sociopathic hatred of the progressives who challenged and beat him in the Connecticut primary, has led him to make sure that there's no real health reform that will touch his wife's employer's employers, the banksters who run the insurance companies.  We used to say that we have the best congress money can buy.  Now it's safe to say that we have the worst Senate that money can buy.  And the worst of that worst is Joe Lieberman - although let's not forget that his position is backed by every single Republican in the Senate, that party having already sold its soul to the banksters decades ago.

In Strange News...The Senate Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) “will hold an important hearing on jobs creation” on Wednesday. Who are they turning to for job ideas?  Larry Lindsey and John McCain's chief economic policy advisor during his 2008 presidential campaign, Douglas Holtz-Eakin. This is the Holtz-Eakin who told a recent GOP event that the single best jobs policy would be end government regulation of business and cut the size of government protective agencies. The Democrats are now asking the craziest of the Republicans for jobs advice?  Don't they remember FDR? Or can't they simply look at Germany, which was hit even harder by the recession than we were but never went below 5.6 percent unemployment because of government programs?  Apparently not..

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