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Mark (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago

I didn’t mention this yesterday, but after the Kent police roughed me over for no apparent reason save for “ethnic” profiling, I went to nearby café for a cup of coffee and use of the free wi-fi, through which I posted my first comments. Somehow, my wallet disappeared from my back pocket; perhaps it fell out on the chair when I used a restroom for a minute, someone decided it was more of use to them than to me. All of my ID was in it. Obviously I was greatly exasperated by this situation; the proprietor and myself looked everywhere, but no luck.

Fortunately it was still morning, so I was able to get a temporary driver’s license, before I returned to work on Thursday, where I drive a tug to make deliveries. I then went to the Social Security Administration building to see about a replacement SSN card. No sooner had I entered the place I was accosted by the SSA version of Blue Shirt; he even had that leather strap across his chest like the Brown Shirts did. He was doing what he called a “random” search, except that during the hour I was waiting for service he didn’t check a single other person who entered the place. I guess it was because I was the only “Mexican” in the place. I couldn’t help noting the irony of just being a victim of crime, and then treated like a “criminal.”

I am a person who, away from work, studiously avoids human contact, save when necessary. I act only in the manner necessary to perform a function of life. I try to avoid “appearing” to act in way likely to arouse suspicion, since I am always conscious of the way people (and police) perceive me; when I’m about, all I do is walk from here to there, or wait at a bus stop. But none of this makes any difference; people still rush to see if their car is still locked, police see what they want to see. Why? The only possible answer is “ethnic” or racial profiling. It infuriates police, turns their minds into boiling cauldrons of confusion when they want to harass you but you’re not giving them a “justified” excuse, and you demand an explanation and in order to deny racial profiling they come-up with something ridiculous (yesterday, it was because I “walked” into the storage unit instead of driving into it).

I’m fairly certain that most of the people on this blog have absolutely no idea of what I am talking about. Maybe once or twice in their lifetimes—and then only if they are actually doing something that might be construed as illegal—do they experience what I would term “harassment.” But for me, this is a constant, repeating occurrence. There is nothing “random” or “coincidental” about it. No white person in similar circumstances would stand for this, or be expected to; but minorities are expected to “stand” this treatment, especially Latinos. There is no way to explain away this hypocrisy.
In any case, I told the Blue Shirt about the incident in the morning (that I described in my last post on Wednesday), and that what he was doing was more of the same for me, but in any case I would be writing about it. I pulled out my netbook and began writing this post, which seemed to cause some further arousal in some dark place in his mind. As soon as I finished my business, the Blue Shirt gave me an evil look and talked to the clerk. Perhaps I’ve been flagged as a “threat.”

Quark (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago


I wish there was a way for all of us to "trade" life experiences. Some of us would get the hope we need, the humility we deserve, the willingness to help others, along with the experiences that diminish us as human beings.

Maybe those who are observed to be "enlightened" understand all this...

I reach out to you, though I understand that my efforts are inadequate.

Quark (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago

Calling Out the Repugs --- Rachel Maddow Show Writes the "Commercial"

Last night, Rachel asked why Dems. don't loudly decry the Republican politically-inspired fake outrage over terrorism. I wish the DNC and Dem. leadership would take a few notes (video):


What ever happened to the Dem. "war room" with rapid response?

Quark (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago


Shawn or Louise, Thom might enjoy playing the "commercial" from my previous Rachel Maddow link on the show...

Loretta (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago


That's horrible. Unfair... totally f'ed up and you have every right to be pissed off and feel victimized. You are a victim of terrorism... terrorism by those supposedly protecting us from terrorism.

And you do a very good job in most of your posts of not playing victim because doing so will not help you get through this BS...

I am going to run a fiction writing class via yahoo and I would sure love you to participate. I am a grad student in an MFA program and I want to share some of what I have learned. This will be a small class and it will be my first one so it will have strengths and weaknesses... but at least it will be FREE!

Let me know if you feel like joining. you have one million stories to share that would make some awesome fiction, too!

Happy New Year to everyone. The Blue Moon is very fitting this year.

bobbler (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago

RE: Police,

I am not ethnic, and have on occasion been treated badly by police.. I am not trying to minimize if they gave you extra for having dark skin (I dont doubt that at all).. Im just saying many cops are not very professional, so its hard to know what they are thinking.. I hope you got back on your feet..


Robin Kilgore (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago

I recently emailed your webmaster about what I thought was a very funny 'typo' on your webpage and got a reply back from Nigel ,on your staff, that it wasn't a typo but, in fact, the actual title of Sarah Palin's recent book.
Everybody in the media has been referring to it as "Going Rogue", but clearly they are mistaken. The spelling and pronunciation can be confirmed by any dictionary. It is "Going Rouge" (which happens to be a cosmetic...and perhaps, a more appropriate title for her book.
I'm just wondering why YOU haven't pointed this out, being the brilliant and very articulate voice that you are ?
I LOVE your show that airs on FSTV and I'm so glad you're there...it has been a primary news source for me for years, and I hate to admit it Thom, but until you were on FSTV I was unaware of your show, since I live rurally and have such poor radio reception that I almost never turn the radio on. Now I can watch you daily ( Idon't even mind if it's a repeat...I just watch it again, when they rebroadscast). I did have the pleasure of calling in not long ago and speaking with you.
I hope you point out the Palin book title 'typo' for your audience...and , I wish it was worthy of getting a signed copy of your book "Threshold", which I'm most anxious to read.

With Love and Light,
As Ever,
Robin Kilgore

Robin Kilgore (not verified) 10 years 38 weeks ago

I wanted to respond to your post as well, friend. There is no moral excuse for the way that you have been treated. I heard your call-in on the show ( but, I thought I heard the call in on c-span as a question to a guest covering the Supreme Court) and I'm glad you had the opportunity to post a more complete report here. I was moved and angered by the brief mention of the incident and even more disturbed by the more complete version that you've posted here.
Please understand that it's not just an ethnic problem, although it may be disproportionately so. I am caucasian and do not have a threatening appearance at all, but I DO question authority and I have also experienced abusive treatment by Authority Figures. I believe your reference to "brownshirts" is very appropriate. Over the many years of my lifetime I have observed that we are becoming a more and more unjust Nation....closer and closer to a Police State. For years, peaceful protesters have been attacked and beaten by the very people that WE PAY to protect our RIGHTS.
This is, I believe, a by-product of an increasingly Monopolized Capitalist System that is controlling our Legislators by enormous Campaign Contributions and the Power of their Lobbyists...many of them former Legislators.
What has happened to you is completely unacceptable. We must ALL demand MORE of our Representatives. I hope you contacted YOUR representatives about the abuse you experienced.
And, on a positive note, statistics are showing that there is a major shift in the demographics of our Country and Hispanic and other "minorities" will soon become the MAJORITY of Americans. Have a HAPPIER NEW YEAR !

And Warm Regards,
As Ever,

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