Does Joe Lieberman want Liberals to Suffer?

joe lieberman imagesWhat is the growing cost of placating Joe Lieberman as he now loudly proclaims he will filibuster the Senate healthcare compromise of the compromised reformed that's been compromised?  If the Congress can't get out from under their corporate overlords and their wholly owned weasels like the GOP and Lieberman, America will continue to be 29th in the world in healthcare - in fact we'll drop from there - and the banksters and "Private Equity" thieves will continue to ruin our medium businesses, kill off our small businesses, and big transnational corporations will continue to ship our jobs overseas.  It's time for a revolution in the way our elections are financed - time for a Tea Party, like the one in 1773 that was a protest against the British East India Company, then the world's largest corporation, and the Tea Act of 1773 which gave a huge corporate tax cut to the Company.


Chris (not verified) 14 years 27 weeks ago

Whether or not Joe Lieberman is a predator or parasite, posting a doctored picture of him is fairly childish and takes away credibility from the poster.

Joe should be blamed for being Joe. Or, reap the rewards for being such.

But, if he is truly as bad as everyone says he is then there are a lot of people in his state that need to stand and be counted. The election wasn't fixed. He didn't lie about who he was. In fact, in many ways his election was more of a test for the democratic process than many of recent memory. He wasn't even part of a real party...and he won.

I'm not a fan of his. And, maybe the masses were asses in being suckered into electing him. However, he was chosen to represent a people as per the laws of the land. You can't just want democracy when it is convenient. If your population base has lost its way then help them find it. Help them build it. The option of quoting people long dead as a means of being creative went out of fashion years ago. What most hear now is blah, blah, blah and then ask "What about today? What about me?" The greatest honor we can do for those who created this country is to create something that is just as good. It certainly is just as needed. Let's not get caught up on semantics. Let's find and agree to a common ground. Ket's best understand how it is more important to help others do great things than it is to be considered a great man and having accomplished little real change. (the latter a commentary on celebrity and not specifically Thom) Builders wanted.

Ray Mathis (not verified) 14 years 27 weeks ago

Remember the time when Lieberman spoke out against Obama as a Presidential candidate? Then Obama confronted him in Congress. Could this be partly about payback against Obama? It's really disgusting that one man could prevent millions from having better health insurance and care.

Gabriel (not verified) 14 years 27 weeks ago

Hey Chris, The poster with lieberman's head pasted on it is called HUMOR..and pretty funny I might add... do yourself a favor and reach around and pull that stick out your @ss ! you dweeb.

Chris (not verified) 14 years 27 weeks ago

Hey Gabriel, Very witty comeback. You shine as an example of what is wrong with this country. Seriously, you picked to argue about the picture? Ha Ha Ha Ha. Who is the smart boy? I know that I'll get accused of beating up on an invalid, but couldn't let it go. (I wonder if Gabriel can find someone to explain the historic humor)

Now for some adult discussions. The stupid picture detracts from the position. All of you cry when Obama has a distorted picture. I'm suggesting to those with abilities greater than Gabriel's that focus should be remain on the issues, a higher road taken, and also a smarter path selected.

But, we do need people like Gabriel. They keep us grounded and ensure we never forget that 'but for the grace of God go I" when we see his posts.

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