Highlights on the Show...December 28, 2009 - January 1, 2010

happy new year imagesMonday

Hour Two: Are we on the verge of another banking meltdown and would a new bill bringing back Glass-Steagall prevent it? Former managing director at Goldman Sachs, Nomi Prins, author of "It Takes A Pillage" guestswww.nomiprins.com

Hour Three: "Inside Obama's Brain" Journalist/author Sasha Abramksy stops by to talk about why the President is uniquely suited for the job www.sashaabramsky.com


Hour Two: Does history keep repeating itself? Steve Fraser, author of "Wall Street: America's Dream Palace" guests www.americanempireproject.com

Hour Three: Looking ahead to 2010...predictions for a new decade! Psychic, teacher, author Mary T. Browne is back for a look ahead  www.marytbrowne.com


Hour Three: New Year's Resolutions...liberal vs conservative! Thom mixes it up with Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute www.businessandmedia.org


Hour Three: Economics Guru Dr. Ravi Batra joins Thom to talk about what's ahead for the economy in 2010 www.ravibatra.com

Friday - Happy New Year - Thom Hartmann recycled

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