Sen Jim DeMint - Terrorists or Unions?

tsa union imagesThe TSA - which keeps us safe from airplane bombers - is without a director.  Why would one of our most vital security agencies be headless?  Well, it's actually quite simple.  President Obama nominated a very highly qualified candidate, former FBI special agent Erroll Southers, but Southers has expressed his support for federal employees being able to be members of unions - which most are.  Senator Jim DeMint, the Republican from South Carolina who's also a member of the notorious Washington DC Christian Taliban cult "The Family," thinks that having our baggage screeners have better pay and working conditions is a bad thing, so he put a hold on Southers nomination, effectively blocking it in the Senate.  Jim DeMint is more concerned with destroying unions and good wages for working people than he is with whether or not your next flight is blown out of the air.  You may want to consider calling his office and letting him know what you think of that, after you write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and tell everybody you know what an enemy of the American working class multimillionaire DeMint is.

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