Communist Google?

china imagesAfter China hacked a Chinese Human Rights Activists through GMail, Google said, 'We Recognize That This May Well Mean Having To Shut Down, And Potentially Our Offices in China.'  Some suggest this is because the workers at Google were over it with cooperating on censorship on behalf of one of the most brutal, murderous, and violently repressive communist dictatorships in the world.  Others suggest it's because a government-connected Chinese company has already fielded a search engine that has more than half the Chinese market and Google saw that its days were numbered.  And some suggest Google figured the good PR would help their fortunes in non-Chinese markets, more than making up for the loss of Chinese revenue at a time when Microsoft was coming after them with their new search engine, Bing.  Odds are that all of these considerations came together as the perfect storm.  Now if other American companies would - as the Google slogan goes - "Do No Evil" and stop manufacturing products in China, we may be able to get our economy back together again!


Terry LaPora (not verified) 11 years 35 weeks ago

This is mostly very true, however you want your cake and eat it, too! One thing you fail to realize, or accept, is the fact that unions, which have done wonders for the working class over the years have, for many years, through greed and want of power, overstepped their bounds and have become a primary reason for the higher cost of everyday items for us all and a primary reason for jobs emigrating from this country. Competition is what makes the world go around, but the higher costs generated by the unions have stifled our competitive abilities, hence the exodus of jobs from our country and the increasing difficulty many Americans find in affording the necessities.

Do you really want our system of capitalism to go away in order to realize your vision of the world? Or, would you consider fixing it?? And let us not forget, union membership is around 11% of the work force. What about the other 89%, who pays for their higher wages and benefits?? And why should legislation benefit that minority more than the majority?? Money?? Whatever happened to fair play and the wellbeing of the American people??

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