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banster 1 imagesQuote:  "Fear is not the natural state of civilized people" --- Aung San Suu Kyi

Hour One - "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders www.sanders.senate.gov

Hour Three - Dean Zirby, Attorney for Bradley Birkenfeld, UBS whistleblower www.whistleblowers.org Why is the whistleblower going to jail while the fat cats and banksters can buy their way out?

Geeky Science Rocks - The magic power of mushrooms!


mstaggerlee (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

In a December New York Times op-ed, Eliot Spitzer, William K. Black and Frank Partnoy called for the full public release of AIG email messages, internal accounting documents and financial models generated in the last decade. Today, a Bloomberg story revealed that under Timothy Geithner's leadership, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York told AIG to withhold details from the public about its payments to banks during the crisis.

More at Huffpo - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eliot-spitzer/tip-of-the-iceberg_b_415495....

If we're EVER to have any kind of a meaningful financial recovery, President Obama MUST replace Geithner at Treasury ... and Bernanke at the Fed!

Quark (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago


Please forgive me for being redundant on this subject, but I think it has implications for future discussions among progressives.

I just finished listening to part 2 of an audio recording on the website which Gerald Socha posted Wed. and I reposted yesterday. I urge you to try to listen to it --- part 2, especially, since it discusses "the psychological stresses and strains of US life today (isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression, violence, child neglect, etc.). The discussion explores whether a potentially explosive convergence of economic and psychological crises is now under way. IT ALSO EXPLORES THE POSSIBILITIES AND THE STRATEGIES OF LEFT POLITICAL MOBILIZATION AROUND THESE TWIN ASSAULTS ON THE U.S. QUALITY OF LIFE." (Emphasis mine.)

I think there are some interesting ideas about what this movement needs to incorporate.


mstaggerlee (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Has anyone brought up the possibility that perhaps both the "Fruit of Ka-Boom" Xmas day incident and the Shoe-bomber incident came off EXACTLY as planned?

We all know that UBL's stated goal is to bankrupt America. What if these two stooges were just that - 2 mental midgets who were given bogus instructions and "explosives" that the real planners knew would fail? The plan may never have been to really take out a plane, or to kill anyone, but simply to put a scare into all those American fools, and to get them (i. e., US!) to demand that the government spend more millions/billions (that we don't really have) on ineffective preventative measures to make themselves FEEL safer?

If so, then my hat's off. Well done, AQ. :(

Mugsy (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Thom, it's "UBS"

"USB" is a computer connection. :)

Nels (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Does anyone know at what point in the flight did the "underpants bomber" try to detonate his device?

Nels (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Address standardizing voting machines... hells yeah!!! I agree with the caller.

Nels (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

BTW, can't thank Senator Sander enough for making himself available nearly every Friday on a talk show and take phone calls.

Above and beyond the call of duty, sir... God Bless you.

gerald (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

re: Pres. Obama, hope and change: I fear at this point that Pres. Obama gave millions hope, and they voted for the first time in their lives. Now, their hopes are dashed and they'll never vote again. I was prepared for that, but I really didn't think I would now consider the President just another war criminal.

charles (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

This healthcare bill is a huge gift to the private healthcare industry. If we want to get serious about healthcare and SS, eliminate the cap on earnings and make everybody pay on all earnings (not just those earning less than 97k). Then extend Medicare to all. This will allow US operating businesses to compete on a somewhat more level playing ... See Morefield to oversea's companies that already receive national heathcare.

Then we should impose tariffs on products coming into this country from countries that refuse to meet enviromental, living wage and working condition standards (our producers face large tariffs even though meeting these higher standrds). This will pay for corporate tax reductions and encourage domestice production to return as corporations actually making products in this country will retain more of their profits. In short, imported goods would fund the treasury while domestic producers can keep prices down.

Nels (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Gawd I'd love to see media companies, and politicians being prosecuted for the equivalent of perjury when they knowingly and persistently spread lies.

Like saying "Obama will not use the word terrorism", bald face lie.

It should be on or near the level of yelling "Fire!" in a crowed room.

charles (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

glad to hear someone make the connection that the healthcare bill is looking more like what McCain proposed. Who won the election? McCain/Lieberman?

gerald (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Who won the election? Goldman/Sachs.

AZAFVET (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Republicans don't know that the word terror ends with an "r" not an "a". That's why they claim that President Obama isn't saying the word often enough.

Theodore J Marcott (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

Thom, if you haven't seen it, you have GOT to see WATCHMEN.

The fundamental problem with our governmental structure, and perhaps in our society, is that there is no accountability, hence, no responsibility.
If the corporate media is running the show, then we can refuse to watch.
How many liberals or moderates will give up TV for a month?
Every single time I buy ANYTHING, I look for where it is made, and if it is made in the states, I buy that...even if it is a little more expensive.
How many people will look at the origin of their products, before purchasing them?

We need to demand answers from Cheney. He should be stripped naked and thrown in a cell and starved until he tells us everything...
...but who has the stomach for that?

Gazmik (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

As far as root and roof, people should realize that there are different regional dialects and should not expect everybody to pronounce all words exactly as they do.


Nels (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

I've been a Credit Union member for over 20 years... they do some frustrating things as far as hidden fees too, since they're allowed to by law. However, they are nowhere near practicing underhand tactics like the big banks.

Mena Sprague (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

I just went online and found this contact for Walgreens 1 800 925 4733, then customer service. I spoke to an agent and she did not know about the press release. I was told they also have sent their t-shirt factories to India. We need to let Walgreens know we support companies that support America. Also we belong to Wings Financial Credit Union. They financed our first home and all of our cars.

gerald (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

re:Nels January 8th, 2010, 9:32 am

Does anyone know at what point in the flight did the “underpants bomber” try to detonate his device?

I think it was at the point when the flight attendant said:

"OK, there'll be a slight delay...let's play games!"

Nels (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

@Gerald, thanks, but I was wondering more about the physical location of the plane... as in over land or over the sea. Because if it was over the sea, I can't see how it would've been advantageous for a successful use of a bomb, being that it would take weeks - months to determine why the plane crashed. Whereas, a highly publicized failure produces.... well we are seeing how that plays out.

janice ward (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

regarding the whistle blower being jailed (UBS). where is the president? why isn't he expressing his outrage on this issue (we all know the answer to that) and Thom if you are going to have an expert on this subject, please ask them who the senators were that were in the hearings on this issue. The ones who were there when the court reporter took the notes on all the information the whistle blower gave them. Where are their voices against this injustice? Getting the answers to that and who the senators and elected officials who were on that list, would be very valuable to the people of this country. We will never find out and if that whistle blower does not end up dead, I will be surprised.

janice ward (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

regarding Bernie Sanders and health care tax unions. don't worry that will never go through. It will be dropped and then everybody will be so....... happy about them not having to pay taxes on their great plans that they will not object to all of the people who can not afford health care being forced to buy horrible insurance. And we also need to be so grateful to Bernie because if we are lucky enough to have area free clinics we can go there and beg for services or if we are poor enough we can go as second rate citizens and beg for the very same thing he is provided and accepts with dignity while we go in shame for hand outs. the disconnect from the haves and have nots in this country are so profound.

Loretta (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

msstaferlee, I was thinking the very same thing because this is just too coincidentally close to our escalation in Afghanistan.

Loretta (not verified) 11 years 36 weeks ago

I really botched your name.. mstaggerlee

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