The Grinch goes after Higgins!



Emmy (not verified) 13 years 21 weeks ago


Higgins is a beautiful kitty!!! Meow to Higgins and hoping he has a wonderful 2010!!!

Happy New Years to you and Louise as well!!!!

Higgins have a great kittynipping swell year!

DDee (not verified) 13 years 21 weeks ago

Thom, from your description on the air I was expecting ripped ears, one goopy eye, bald patches from frays afar and near and all the signs of a sociopathic feline devil! Awwww, shucks, in this photo he looks, well, almost peaceful and angelic --- if it weren't for that slight gleam in his eye :-).

Welcome back to live time in the SF Bay Area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many blessings to you and the family, including psycho-kitty, in this new year.
May it be one that sees the middle-class and working people of our country finally shed enough layers of the calcification that has been studiously and carfeully applied over their eyes for the last 30 years by the media, the dumbing down of education and the punditry of both political parties. Join me in prayer that we can see that our country's best interests are NOT in sync with the best interests of Wall Street (and from the looks of it, with the White House's either) before the final tipping point of this rush toward a more destructive and insidious neo-fascism has been reached.

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