The Naked Truth....

naked imagesThe Economic Times of India is reporting that US' largest drugstore chain Walgreens on Thursday just announced a 10-year outsourcing deal with India. Walgreens is shifting its accounting processes and jobs to Genpact, a loss of at least 500 American jobs. This as The Labor Department announced as employers cut 85,000 jobs last month, worse than the 8,000 drop analysts had expected.  It's time for America to repudiate the Reagan and Clinton policies of "free trade" and return to a national industrial and trade policy that will keep American companies hiring Americans instead of Chinese and Indians.

In Strange news...A man was taken into custody yesterday after “after he took off all of his clothes and began a jog just a few blocks from the White House. The Secret Service says he ran for “less than a minute before he was apprehended."  Good to know that we're safe from naked people!  And isn't it odd that the first truly TSA-ready flier was busted before he could even make his flight?

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