No Campaign Limits?

greed is good imagesIn a ruling that has overwhelming implications for how elections are funded, the Supreme Court has struck down a key campaign-finance restriction that prevents corporations and unions from pouring money into political ads.In a 5-4 ruling, in the Citizens United v. FEC case,  the door is now wide open for unrestricted amounts of corporate money to flow into American politics.  The Republican-appointed right-wing five members of the court explicitly said that corporations are "persons" under the law, and thus entitled to Constitutional rights just like the Founders fought and died to give to you and me.  The four dissenters pointed out that corporations will now own politicians, will dominate our politics, and that democracy itself is now at risk.  Bennito Mussolini invented a new form of government where corporations ran the government - he called it "fascism."  Welcome to Mussolini's America.

President Obama is proposing now “giving bank regulators the power to limit the size of the nation’s largest banks and the scope of their risk-taking activities,” an idea “championed by Paul A. Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve and an adviser to the Obama administration. The proposal would prohibit commercial banks from proprietary trading for their own accounts.  If true, and if he really does it right, this could signal a major change in direction for President Obama, away from giving the banksters whatever they want and toward protecting the average person from these corporate predators.

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