Phony Democrats?

debt 1 imagesLanny Davis, a former White House counsel under President Clinton, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that “the left” is to blame for the Massachusetts results. He wrote, “Bottom line: We liberals need to reclaim the Democratic Party with the New Democrat positions of Bill Clinton and the New Politics/bipartisan aspirations of Barack Obama."  Lanny Davis is no liberal.  He's a lawyer for hire, who has worked for and promoted the interests of the right-wingers in Honduras and supported a military dictatorship in Pakinstan - because both paid him to do it.  He is a proponent of the New Democrat wing of the Democratic Party - those who think that the Democrats should become more like Republicans and more in bed with big business.  Obama has been listening to this kind of insane advice ever since he took office, and its destroying his presidency.  America voted for change, not for corporatism.  Lanny Davis should disclose his corporate and anti-democratic connections when he writes or is interviewed, and if the Obama Administration takes his advice they'll get exactly what they'll deserve - defeat at the polls.

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