Phony Democrats?

debt 1 imagesLanny Davis, a former White House counsel under President Clinton, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that “the left” is to blame for the Massachusetts results. He wrote, “Bottom line: We liberals need to reclaim the Democratic Party with the New Democrat positions of Bill Clinton and the New Politics/bipartisan aspirations of Barack Obama."  Lanny Davis is no liberal.  He's a lawyer for hire, who has worked for and promoted the interests of the right-wingers in Honduras and supported a military dictatorship in Pakinstan - because both paid him to do it.  He is a proponent of the New Democrat wing of the Democratic Party - those who think that the Democrats should become more like Republicans and more in bed with big business.  Obama has been listening to this kind of insane advice ever since he took office, and its destroying his presidency.  America voted for change, not for corporatism.  Lanny Davis should disclose his corporate and anti-democratic connections when he writes or is interviewed, and if the Obama Administration takes his advice they'll get exactly what they'll deserve - defeat at the polls.


Stan (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

To employ a cliche, you can't strike while the iron is hot if some idiot like Bayh or Lanny Davis keeps pouring water on the iron. Those two are part of the Democratic hackocracy.

portland elmo (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Re: Quote from Thoms show "that people like Lanny Davis who use to be Democrats"

I thought that the only ones who ate their own was the republicans Thom.

Whatever happened to the Democratic Party of a year ago being "A Big Tent" ?

Obviously you don't really believe that cliche' but it's a nice campaign slogan until it's time to draw the ol' proverbial line in the sand in the face of defeat and make dems whip out their progressive credentials huh?

Cheryl (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

During the 2008 primary campaigns, when I was a Hillary supporter, I kept telling people that there is something in Obama that cries, "Please like me? Please be my friend? I'll do whatever you want."

Obama's one real success so far has been restoring the international relationships that Bush shattered. Obama makes friends. He's good at that.

So he tries to make friends with the republicans. Democrats have a good reason to feel betrayed. We also feel trapped. What will we do when these dems are up for re-election? Vote for the republican? Stay home? Obama knows that if it's between him and Palin, we'll choose him.

I have that dilemma with my congressman, Harry Teague (NM). Talk about a phony. He's a millionaire oilman! I complained about him incessantly throughout the campaign, but other dems told me that he was a "good democrat and he has the money to beat the republican." I met the republican candidate. He asked for my vote, and I have to respect that. Teague just assumed I would vote straight ticket (okay, I did...). Meanwhile, since Teague has been in DC he's played the "phony democrat" role perfectly.

Teague voted for the Stupak-Pitts amendment. Teague is running for re-election but I will not vote for him again this November; the Stupak vote pushed me over the edge. Of course, I can't vote for the republican candidate (the guy is evil: Steven Pearce), but the republican still might win because of people like me. What are we supposed to do?

Lightshipclear (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

President Obama has been beguiled by the siren song of bipartisanship. He has become so transfixed by the song that he has become blind and deaf to the danger that lies ahead and to the cries of the rest of us warning him to close his ears to the siren song. Once the sirens draw him in they will proceed to destroy him.
WAKE UP President Obama! Bipartisanship is an illusion and unless you wake up from your reverie you will surely crash the ship of state on the rocks just beneath the surface.

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