Wall Street & Google...A Love Affair?

bankster imagesThe Wall Street Journal is reporting, “U.S. government officials and business leaders were supportive but wary of taking sides in Google Inc.’s battle with China, a sign of the delicate tensions between the growing superpower and the West.”  On the other hand, the Financial Times reports that the Chinese government is calling on American companies operating in China - and there are thousands of them - to practice "self discipline," meaning censoring themselves and their information to not challenge the murderous, brutal dictators who run that communist nation.  And it seems that all the American companies - except possibly Google - are perfectly willing to stay in bed with a violent government that exploits and represses its own people as long as it increases their profits.  Apple, HP, GE, GM - you name it - they're all still in China and they all still have blood on their hands.  All of us do, in fact, as long as we keep putting politicians into office who support so-called "free trade" that makes it possible for these huge corporations to ship American jobs to China.

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