Daily Topics - Wednesday February 24th 2010

tea party imagesQuote:  The animals of the world exist for their own reasons.  They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. ~Alice Walker

Hour One - When is the tea party movement going to wake up to the fact that they're being used by racists, big corporations and the rich? Mark Williams Conservative talk radio host and spokesperson for the Tea Party Express www.marktalk.com

Plus...Is the right wing tea party movement being take over by corporate backed racists? with Mark Potok Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center www.splcenter.org

Hour Two - Can we force the administration to embrace a public option? Stephanie Taylor Co-Founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee www.boldprogressives.org

Hour Three - Why do fundamentalists think God loves us more than our cats & dogs? Wesley J. Smith, author, "A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement" www.discovery.org/p/13

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Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago
Mugsy (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago
moonbat666 (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Thom, the other day you and a guest were trying to pronounce the international name for the Chinese currency. I have a friend from China who has been in the US for three years. I asked her to pronounce the word. It sounds like
R-M-B Just say the three letters as one word. Everyone in or from China will know exactly what you're saying.

Mugsy (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

If there's "nothing wrong with it" (falsely claiming Obama is a Muslim), then WHY BRING IT UP?

Charles in OH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

When JFK was running for President being labeled an Irish-Catholic was considered a bad thing.

KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

This bastard Mark Williams lives in my community. See what he proudly published in his paper incl link to actual article, which has been removed the last time I checked And read this gem Quote: ...the Civil Rights Movement was about confiscating the fruits of the labor of the working people for "redistribution" among the parasitical class."

KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

And read this gem Quote: ...the Civil Rights Movement was about confiscating the fruits of the labor of the working people for "redistribution" among the parasitical class."


Charles in OH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Does Mark not realize he is the guest and was asked on to answer questions.

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

WTF?!? Teabaggers being taken over by the billionaire racists that founded and astroturfed them?!?

DUDE!!! Chronologically challenged much . . . The barn door started open and the ponies were branded out in the wild.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Here is a great article from one of my favorite writers.


KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

No Mark- I just don't think too highly of YOU!

Mark K (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Yesterday, one of Thom’s callers said she was so “enraged” at what was in her view a failure of keeping the promise of “change” that she was ready to pick-up a gun. Frankly, I think that if this “rage” to violence is what that media opinion-shapers are forming in the minds of some sectors of the populace, laughing it off as a few fanatics isn’t an option, since the fanatic who perceive him or herself and their “problem” as being ignored tend to be more “explosive” in their wish not to be ignored (like Joe Stark). Once opinion-makers give these people rationales to unleash their proclivities to violent means, it is hard to control them.

I was in a coffee shop yesterday where the proprietor had Fox News on a wide-screen TV, and after five minutes asked her to turn the channel; it isn’t hard to understand how the paranoid who chooses to be exposed to the constant, unreasoning denunciations of "liberals" and government in general can be turned toward violence, especially when they are made to feel “helpless” before the colossus of "big government." It doesn’t help that you have the likes of Glenn Beck—who has absolutely no sense of accountability for the effects his irresponsible propagandizing has on the paranoid, bigoted mind—imply that people may have no choice but to resort to violence. When the German political elite gave Hitler the chancellorship, they thought that they could control him and his movement, but they didn’t realize that Hitler had no respect for democratic institutions, nor the fact that he was more than willing to resort to violence to achieve his ends. I’m not sure where Beck falls in this scenario, but if he excuses himself by claiming that he is doing this because it is “good” for ratings, that he is merely an “entertainer” like Rush Limbaugh, then political discourse has reached such a nadir that it can be no wonder that many people have a distorted sense of reality.

I would prefer to think that listeners on the left who are “enraged” have a better sense of reality than those on the right who simply have “rage.” If we need a “revolution,” it has to be channeled into a coherent program addressing specific needs. I don’t see the “rage” of the right as being anything more than the alarming result of the cynical self-aggrandizement of right-wing charlatans.

Craig Reid (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Whenever Thom has a conservative guest on who is spouting talking points, shouting him down and using linguistic manipulation I would like to see Thom follow up with an analysis of "the code" they were using to control, manipulate and divert the conversation away from meaningful dialogue. I would like to hear Thom's take on how they use NLP skills to trick the audience into believing their schtik and how to turn the tables on them.

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

The President Obama's 'Healthcare reform is the toothless Senate bill that Joe Lieberman extorted for me' pony show will be held at Blair House . . .

KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Is Michael Steele actually smart enough to help sabatoge the party he knows only put him in his place because he is black?

KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Ah- I missed how much Thom said was enough money to make. Anyone here recall?

Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago
Mark K (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

I haven't read the Bible lately, but eunuchs were often powerful individuals in antiquity, since rulers did not view them as potential threats to their throne, and employed them in important positions. Many men who sought powerful positions in government would accept castration for this purpose.

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

I am sooooo glad that the British Queen's pooch was not involved in the Royal's mascot story . . .

Quark (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Mark K,

Good on ya for asking that the Fox News channel be changed at a coffee shop. I've done the same thing (at a hospital ER waiting area.) You are right --- it just foments hysteria, hate and anxiety in our population.

We all can be "urban warriors."

KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@Gerals thx, I shared on facebook with this caption: Exactly which Americans do we deny healthcare to in our Christian Country?

Nels (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

You know one of the most annoying sound bites, to me, that the cons and baggers use is the term "ObamaCare". I'm not overly in love with the Democratic capitulations to the corporations with their bill, but...

Frankly I'd rather have "ObamaCare" than the righties "We Don't Care"

Zero G. (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Doctors' Group: Obama Plan Leaves Millions Uninsured, Boosts Private Insurers
by Physicians for National Health Program


"In short," Young said, "this proposal is an insurance company bonanza, not good, evidence-based health reform. The president would do better by abandoning the insurance and drug companies and instead taking up the single-payer approach." His group has estimated that such an approach could save hundreds of billions of dollars annually by simplifying health administration.

"By building on and improving the already popular Medicare program, we could put our patients' interests first," he said. "Were President Obama to do so, he would meet with strong public support, including from the medical community."

Although the physicians' group requested an invitation to Thursday's summit at Blair House, no reply from the White House has been forthcoming, Young said. Similarly, requests from Reps. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, Anthony Weiner of New York and Peter Welch of Vermont that single-payer advocates be included in the meeting have apparently gone unanswered.

Outside the Blair House on Thursday, a grassroots "Sidewalk Summit for Medicare for All" will underscore popular support for the measure.


A senate with 2 senators per state regardless of population will never lead to true democracy.

Quark (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago


Would Cheney go down as a martyr if he had died from his heart attack this week?

Nels (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@Mark K, I think we still have politicians symbolically castrating themselves for their paymasters.

We call them Senators.

Nels (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@Quark, I don't know if Cheney would become a martyr, but from my christian mythology upbringing, I'm pretty sure he would be going down.

Quark (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago


LOL! You just know that Frank Luntz would be working feverishly to rewrite history, though (just like the Repugs. did with Reagan.)

Zero G. (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Bernanke offers concessions to quell Congress' criticism of Fed
By Neil Irwin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 24, 2010; 12:06 PM

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke launched a wide-ranging effort Wednesday to fend off congressional efforts to take powers away from the central bank, laying out a series of compromises and olive branches meant to defuse lawmakers' criticism.

Testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, Bernanke said he will support legislation to disclose the names of companies that take advantage of special Fed lending programs, so long as enough time has passed since the loan request to avoid stigmatizing the borrowing firm. He also said he will support legislation to expand congressional oversight of many Fed functions, if its power to manage monetary policy is exempted.

In what appeared to be an effort to combat efforts to strip the Fed of bank oversight, Bernanke said that the Fed is overhauling its policies to try to reflect the lessons of the financial crisis.
more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/24/AR201002...


Avoid stigmatizing the borrowing firms? What do you think the purpose of disclosure is Capt. Hazeltine? Whisky Tango Foxtrot

LeMoyne (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

The Brown victory in MA is a blessing in disguise for the Democrats if they take a deep breath and make sure that a REAL public option is included in the 'health care' bill they pass through reconciliation. The individual mandate that requires ALL of us to purchase insurance will energize the right wing-nut opposition and without the public option the Democratic base will be disgusted and demoralized. Also, independent voters will have a hard time getting around the fact that the Democrats have forced them to pay into an out of control, vampiric system The Democrats will get shellacked in 2010 if they pass an individual mandate to purchase insurance without a public option so we can escape the current system that makes outlandish profits on peoples' suffering.

Boris31 (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

the Conservative movement seems to have taken a bath in S. I. Hayakawa's "Language in Thought and Action". Ideas & politics that have never served the people of the country are packaged and sold with relative ease to the media without real debate or scrutiny.

The current MeMe of "the people have spoken" ( in relation to Health Care ), never mentions the fact of how much money is spent to lobby the public's opinion.

sandpiper (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Thom missed the point badly with Mark Williams, the tea party talk show host when they were arguing CEO compensation. The fact is, the investor class would agree with Mr. Williams when it comes to CEO compensation...they're getting rich also, and how many people are we talking about?...90 million? And what's so awful about bigotry, lies, and distortions if it's helping you get richer?
THOM ARE YOU AFRAID TO BRING THIS ANGLE INTO DISCUSSION(for fear of alienating your listeners who are stockholders?)

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

The only way the public option will make it past this DLC ran White House is for two-thirds of the house and Senate to override President Obama’s veto.

Zero G. (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Even a bill with a public option would still be a bonanza for the for-profit insurance industry, especially a public option limited to those who are not currently covered.

Support the “Sidewalk Summit for Medicare for All” outside Blair House on Thurs.

Yellowbird (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Considering that many people in Congress on both sides of the aisle have their PENSIONS and PERSONAL INVESTMENTS tied up in Health Care Companies or Big Pharma companies.... tell me why please;

WHY IS IT NOT CONSIDERED A CONFLICT OF INTEREST that these people will not give us PUBLIC HEALTH CARE which is my name for Public Option.

Why? Isn't it obvious they're protecting their own pockets? Why should they NOT BE MADE TO JETTISON THAT STOCK before sitting on such a decision?

Can we discuss this please?

Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago
Mark K (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

It is interesting that Thom used a quote from Alice Walker, since Walker and her own daughter (from a white father) are estranged because the latter doesn't share Walker's intense antipathy toward black men, a common feature in her novels--which I see as promoting racism in its own way. However, I am glad that Thom took the time to address one of the basic foundations of right-wing "movements"--racism--since at least the time of the nativist Know-Nothing Party in the mid 19th century.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

KMH, how do I answer your question? NO ONE SHOULD BE DENIED AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE. I do not see America as a Christian nation. We are more of a KKKhristian nation. I am more interested in America embracing the Golden Rule. But, our nation is too entrenched with hate, corruption, and lies.

rewinn (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@Craig Reid - good point about NLP

@Thom - why don't you have this guys "Thom Hartmann" on as a guest to talk about how to use language to shape the conversation? He's written a lot of books and is not bad on radio. We could use a weekly NLP lesson.

Zero G. (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

From the first hour:

"The Bible is black and white."

Unless you've got one of those pretty illuminated ones.

LeMoyne (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@Zero G - thats why my comment emphasizes REAL public option ...

Its gonna get real ugly in a lot of places (including here in NM) if the Democrats pass a 'reform' bill where the most salient feature is a mandate that people buy private insurance from their low-wage (and unemployment!) paychecks. I feel that the Democrats could lose their majority to the firehose of cash that will spray from the corporate/right-wing noise machine on this issue alone.

Rus (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN There are polls taken on the public option that reach 80% in favor. Even the most conservative polls are in the 60% area. We all know that if the democrats do pass health reform with a public option it will be a boon to all democrats and independents in 2010. On MSNBC, CNN, Progressive radio, blogs, when the question is posed as to why the democrats do no act the answer is unanimously met with a shrug and “that’s a good question.” None of them offer any answer. They act as if they are as confused as everyone else is. These people either are not very smart or are concealing the real answer. Every show I watch concentrates on the number of senators and House members who are signing on to the petition. What a farce.

When press secretary to the President Robert Gibbs said yesterday that they would not be pushing for a public option even though every democrat who is up for re-election knows that to stand on the floor of the senate and vote against the public option would be political suicide. What then is the reason? I think it is simple. Neither republicans nor democrats are on the side of the American people. They both are bought and paid for by special interests. Harry Reid is not going to bring reconciliation to the floor because he knows that he does not have the 50 votes. That’s what he says. The truth is he could force a vote tomorrow and compel the senate to either cast a vote for the public option or show their true colors. Both parties are on the side of special interests and they are not going to be exposed. Obama plays the bipartisan game when it is clear that he does not have 60 votes to pass a bill even if he loads it with every republican talking point. Why does he keep giving in to republicans when there is no chance the bill can muster 60 votes? Because he is on the side of big insurance. The bill as it stands now would give the health care companies 30 million new customers with a penalty for not signing up. How’s that for a deal?

Wake up America; no one is on our side.

Zero G. (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

We'll see?

Haven't we seen enough? Haven't we seen enough drone strikes? Haven't we seen enough civilians bombed? Haven't we seen Capt. Hazeltine reappointed to the Fed?

I for one am tired of being Rahm Emmaneuled. I don't wanna see no more, momma told me not to come, she said, that ain't no way to have fun...

sebillah (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

I called the White House and - super nicely - explained that the 60% of the American people and 80% of Democrats are consistently "retarded" (Rahm's words, not mine) in their support of the public option because they are the ones actually dealing with the realities of the American healthcare system. Three people I know in their mid-to-late fifties were just let go from their company and the prospect of them finding new work is next to none. If we just lowered the medicare age to 50, this would be one less thing that they will need to worry about (or had a public option for them to opt into). Also, if the age was lowered (or if we had a public option), my sister would be able to get tested for rheumatoid arthritis; instead she is just taking vitamins and thinking positive. In a "capitalist" system, I was always told that competition was the core of such a system. If this is the case, why do we not have many options for insurance if we are unhappy with our current insurance? We are just asking for ONE other option. What's "retarded" about that?

Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

How much is a human life worth?

How much money would you accept to sell your soul to the devil?


KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@mugsy-- lol! All that pigeon was missing was a newspaper under its wing!

KMH (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@sebiliah Right on- you know, we need a group such as Bold Progressives perhaps to step up and demand an apology from Rahm. We should have really freaked the administration and gotten behind Sarah Palins request to have Rahm step down-

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@Rus: The wingers will soon start yelling :

"MOB RULE!!!!"

if folk hear that they actually want change.

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

@ZeroG. regarding "We'll see.:


Gerald Socha (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Rabbi Michael Lerner says that we must start the healing process from PTA by O Syndrome.


MikeK (not verified) 9 years 29 weeks ago

Thom & guest has commented on the existence of contract mercenaries and both agree it is a bad thing. I believe these mercenaries are a menace as well as a waste of money.

We need to look closely at the real reason for their existence. If there are not enough enlistments to fill the ranks of the army -- then reinstate the draft. But get rid of these mercenaries.

GM Shows Why We Need Medicare for All

Thom plus logo General Motors just pulled healthcare for 50,000 workers. There are some Democratic candidates suggesting that people love their health insurance companies, but this calculated move by a giant corporation that you and I helped bail out proves that employer sponsored healthcare is just another tool to control workers.

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