Go! Barack...

healthcare imagesWhile Congressional Democrats look at a larger fix to the Senate health care bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) plans to take an axe to the industry's cherished exemption from antitrust laws. Pelosi said Tuesday on a conference call with bloggers that the House will vote on a stand-alone bill to end the anti-competitive exemption by the end of next week. Meanwhile President Obama is still saying Healthcare reform,  “is the right thing to do for America. You need to let your members of Congress know they shouldn’t give up, they should keep pushing to make it happen.” That sounds similar to F.D.R.’s famous line: “Now go out and make me do it.” Except Obama is saying, “Go out there and make them do it.”  Obama said today that he made the mistake last year of not getting out of Washington enough, and has now begun to really take on the Republicans.  Go, Barack!

In Strange news...Jenny Sanford, the estranged wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, told Barbara Walters in an ABC interview that her husband insisted they take the fidelity clause out of their marriage vows. Sanford, of course, is a member of the Washington DC Christian Cult "The Family," also known as "The Fellowship," whose secretive leader, Doug Coe, has famously compared their cult members to King Solomon.  Who, of course, had 700 wives.  Goes a long way to explain the sex scandals of other Family Cult members involved in sex scandals like John Ensign, and David Vitter.

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