Health Care and IQs.....

IQ imagesThough President Obama was hoping for bipartisan ideas for fixing health care yesterday, he acknowledged that “he might be left with a partisan path forward.” “Is there enough serious effort that in a month’s time, or a few week’s time, or six weeks’ time, we could actually resolve something?” asked Obama. “If we can’t, we’ve got to go ahead and make some decisions, and then that’s what elections are for.”  In other words, health care is going to happen.  Bills have already passed the House and Senate, and reconciliation will only be used to make small changes in the already-passed Senate bill - passed with 60 votes - regardless of the hysterical lies Republicans are telling about "nuclear options."  If anything, this is a weak half-measure, not being single-payer and not even having a public option since Obama cut a deal with the hospitals to ensure there would be no public option.

In Strange news...Radio host Lou Dobbs said yesterday on his show that Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) was “utterly vindicated” in his denial of climate science and that he deserves a round of applause. Dobbs said, “This man was absolutely alone in resisting a wave of popular fantasy that was climate change and global warming."  Apparently we need an IQ test for talk show hosts, too.


Rick in Canadia (not verified) 12 years 48 weeks ago

Republican health care plan creates jobs!
We can't say that all the republican ideas were useless or worse.

Listening to the idea of 'undercover patients', I started to smile.
It's not the money saved in wasteful treatment or I'm sure the Acorn pimp moments they are probably hoping for to bring down Medicare..

The Republicans missed a chance to brag about job creation. Picture the legions of previously un-employable hypochondriacs that can be hired for what they do best. A reliable work force? What are they going to do, call in sick??

Question is, will they get health care coverage with this job?
Happily single payer-covered up here..

Issy K (not verified) 12 years 48 weeks ago

Are we seriously going to let a few dozen selfish, greedy people determine how the other hundreds of millions of people are going to live? Just who do they think they are that they feel they are so entitled to make billions off of the misery of others?

ary (not verified) 12 years 48 weeks ago

It blows my mind; why do average people think it's ok to invest in billionaires/corporations overseas and not the American people? Isn't fighting against America's well being unpatriotic?

It's lunacy to even reject universal health care-people who do are on the wrong side of history....and history repeats itself: remember when the original Americans (natives) were denied to even live on their own land and wiped out because they were looked at as "savages"? When Mussolini created a system where business and government merged (sound familiar?) called "Fascism"? When Hitler claimed Jews were the cause of their depression and started wiping them out in camps? When there was finger pointing between Americans calling each other "communists"(Propaganda is alive and well in America), when there were commercials on Tv telling people cigarettes are good for your health? Civil rights in America for other races and women were at one time strongly America where we are supposed to have a Democracy, and God given freedoms to have choices for the sake of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We've always had to fight for all the rights we have today.
There will always be people opposing what's right and what's good for humanity whether it's because they are brainwashed with hatred or with stupidity.

Samfam (not verified) 12 years 48 weeks ago

No lofty peak
Nor fortress bold
Could match my Captain's eye

band Procul Harem
song Salty Dog

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