Highlights on the Show...February 15 - 19, 2010

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Hour Two: Ever wonder what dirt the textbooks missed on Abraham Lincoln & George Washington? Historian Kenneth Davis drops by www.dontknowmuch.com

Hour Three: Sex, Political Intrigue and Espionage...and we don't mean C Street! James Robenault will be here about his new book "The Harding Affair" thehardingaffair.com


Hour Two: "Everything You Know is Wrong - What's it really like to lose it all?" Thom talks to Alexandra Penney, author of The Bag Lady Papers www.amazon.com/The-Bag-Lady-Papers

Hour Three: Should an 11 year old who murders be tried as an adult? Thom mixes it up with prosecuting attorney Josh Marquis coastda.com


Hour Two: "Is rapid rail really just political pork?" Get ready to rumble when conservative Dan Gainor joins Thom about the "choo-choo's"  www.businessandmedia.org

Hour Three: Have our laws made society as "unliveable as if it were lawless?" Thom mixes it up with Harvey Silverglate of the Cato Institute www.cato.org

Thursday & Friday Thom is live from radio row at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC...a lone liberal confronting a sea of conservatives! www.cpac.org

Plus on Friday, "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spends the hour with Thom discussing the issues and answering listener questions www.sanders.senate.gov

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Friday, March 5th - 6 to 8pm, Denver, CO - AM 760 presents Thom and David Sirota taking opposite sides "Is it Time to Abandon the Democratic Party?"  Tickets are $10 at AM760.net


Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

I have decided that corporations and companies are now called -CORPOPERSONS.

I looked up and spotted a robin, he looked down and spotted me. Me no worry, me no cry, me glad that elephants don't fly. I take that back because GOP elephants do fly and they crap on our heads.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

The following information that I will share with you, I share it with a heavy heart.


Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago
Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Obama is finished as president!!! I knew three or four months into his presidency that he would be a misfit for the job.


Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

I have heard as I have listened to the Thom Hartmann Show that he does a good job of educating us. I agree with those comments.

There is one area that I cannot shake. It has to do with Thom's optimism. He continues to see light at the end of the tunnel regarding America's future. Personally, I do not see such a light.

I truly believe that we are finished nation. We are now a banana republic. America will never lose a nuclear war because America has an accepted pre-emptive strike doctrine that means we will strike first any nation who tries to challenge us or who wants to improve their country's people for a better living.

America is out to enslave the world population and the ninety percent Americans who still believe that we are a good, holy, and saintly nation. And, that we are a Christian nation.

People, America is the most evil nation that has come to being in the history of the universe. Our evil is unparalled in history.

Along with being a banana republic we are now wallowing in the abyss of hell.

As a side note, any House or Senate member who is in office and is a licensed physician and opposes health care for all Americans has broken his or her vow of "do no harm." They are not complicit in the murder of God's children; they are actual murderers.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

The three articles that I am sharing with you are not long but they are packed with information.

Please avoid what I did as I read these articles! I cried like a baby.

Donald Grbac (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

I am new to this community, so I hope the placement of my message is appropriate.

I would very much like to hear the National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D) discussed on the program. And a discussion with former Senator Mike Gravel would also be appreciated. He is the founder of NI4D.

I very strongly believe that the National Initiative is our only way out of this mountain of political corruption we have found ourselves in. It has campaign finance reform built in. Therefore, we can make that happen now! NI4D just needs the votes and the support to spread the word and educate voters. I posted a message in the forum also. Let's empower voters rather than corporations!

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Hillary is saying that Iran is a military dictatorship. Hillary shut up. And, do you think America is with her 750 military bases around the world wnd her eye on 1,000 military bases. Hillary, why don't you speak out against our policies and practices of mass murders and war crimes? America cannot always be right because we are an evil country.

@Donald, I do not know much about N14D so I cannot comment. I would need more information on Mike Gavel.

The repugs do wonders with words. For example, Reagan would say trickle down economics. Trickle was a buzz word for peeing on average American heads and telling us that it is raining.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

And, WHAT do you think America is with her 750 military bases around the world AND her eye on 1,000 military bases.

DDay (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thank God that most people don't adopt Gerald's example. Being "Chicken Little", running around screaming that the sky is falling will insure defeat by the very sources who he despises. Take your Prozac Gerald. Patriots don't lament, they organize and suit up.

Heathkit (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Well, that's all pretty heavy stuff. Here's a music video about the Declaration of Independence to entertain you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZfRaWAtBVg

Tim (not verified) 13 years 14 weeks ago

Insurance and a Ponzi Scheme are the same thing, the only difference is intent. Both collect money from a large pool of people. Both pay out to a small group in that pool. Both skim off the top in order to run. At what point does the collection of money, and the amount skimmed off the top turn legitimate insurance in to a Ponzi Scheme?

Jean (not verified) 13 years 14 weeks ago

In case you haven't seen this, I thought I'd bring it to your attention. The whole thing makes me sick.

Matt Taibbi on Obama's Economy: http://www.rollingstone.com/videos/video/31163379/matt_taibbi_on_obamas_...

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