No to Consumer Protection, No to Hummers and No to Nukes....

no imagesThe Washington Post is reporting the administration is open to putting consumer protection regulation in the hands of the Treasury Department or other already-existing agencies. Also the White House officials are open the to compromise on major financial reform legislation by no longer insisting on a stand-alone consumer protection agency.  Translation into English - the Obama Administration is trembling at the financial power that the big banks can use to destroy Democratic politicians in the next election cycle now that the Supreme Court has said that these corporations are "persons" and can spend unlimited amounts of money to elevate or destroy politicians.  If we don't amend the Constitution to strip personhood from corporations, America will quickly become a pure corporatocracy. and are good places for us all to start.

In good news for the day for Planet Earth.... Hummer Gets Canned & Vermont Votes to Close Nuke Plant. General Motors announced Hummer, the SUV designed by Arnold Schwartzenegger and otherwise known as a “gas guzzler,” is being shut down after a deal to sell it to a Chinese manufacturer fell apart. And Vermont is just saying no to nuclear power in the state. The Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 Wednesday to block a license extension for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, citing radioactive leaks, misstatements in testimony by plant officials and other problems.  A few rays of light in the darkness!

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