Is a Revolution Coming?

revolution magesWellPoint VP Brad Fluegel appeared on Faux Business News to talk about the 39% rate hikes in California. Faux hosts Charles Payne and and Stu Varney were not interested with how increasing rates would affect customers and struggling families in California. Instead, Payne groaned, asking Fluegel why he didn’t “take Wall Street’s lead” and “wait for this to blow over and maybe a year from now try to hike rates." Incidents like this are waking up more and more Americans - even Tea Partiers watching Faux News - to the fact that the millionaire news TV stars and the multinational corporate empires that employ them have absolutely no interest in the plight of average working people, but instead only care about corporate profits and the fate of the rich.  We no longer even have labor news sections in our newspapers or labor reports on national newscasts.  It's enough to make one wonder if a revolution is coming...

In Strange News...A 73-year-old James Bruce of Tampa Florida man  was arrested for robbing three banks. He was unarmed, took $600 in each heist and claimed he needed the money to pay his home mortgage. He admitted robbing the bank but he called it a repayable loan.  Maybe before retirement he was a banker himself?


Craig Williams (not verified) 13 years 16 weeks ago

Republicans - sworn to protect greed from public interest.

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