Rush to Apologize?

banking imagesBill Bradbury, a Democratic candidate for governor in Oregon, is campaigning on a proposal to move the state's money away from national banks and to local and community Oregon banks. His has a big message to big banks on Wall Street: Phooey! Others are doing the same. In New Mexico legislature Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) has a proposed bill, which would move $1.4 billion in state funds from Bank of America into local banks and credit unions. Egolf's proposal was inspired by the Move Your Money campaign.  Bradbury, though, is going a step further and suggesting that Oregon should do as North Dakota did nearly a hundred years ago - set up a state bank to fund both state programs and loan money to the state's small business, keeping the profits from the banking efforts in the state's coffers, thus making credit more available and taxes lower.  States competing with the Bank of America?  Sounds like a great idea to me...

In Strange news...On Monday, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin called for Emanuel to be fired for his “slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities” when he called Liberals F--ing retards. On Wenesday Rush Limbaugh endorsed Raum Emanual's language and said the liberal activists truly are “retards.” I'm sure we will all hear Sarah condemning Rush's slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Sarah.............?...Sarah.............?


William Strough (not verified) 9 years 51 weeks ago

Agree about banks, need to break up all large banks and AIG. I wish our Pres would take stance like Teddy Roosevelt, but he appears to be a Puppet of the banksters since so many of his allies, Emanuel, Giethner and Summers are all Goldman Sachs agents. When will the 3rd party start? Need a new Progressive Party that the few remaining sane Republicans and many Democrats and Independents can go to break the Republicrat hold on politics.

Lev Parnas is afraid of Bill Barr - and he should be

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas recently told Rachel Maddow that he's more afraid of Attorney General Bill Barr than he is of the mobbed-up foreign oligarchs he has betrayed. Barr, after all, can weaponize our prisons to punish Parnas.

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