Hand germs to help identify criminals and victims?

bacteria imagesA new study by the UCLA-based Center for Health Policy Research shows 1 in 4 Californians under the age of 65 had no health insurance last year.  8.2 million people were without coverage in the state during 2009. This is a state, lets remember, where the legislature has twice voted for a statewide single payer health care system that would cover all Californians at a cost far less than the state is currently paying, only to see it vetoed twice by the state's Republican governor.  Meanwhile the push is on with healthcare money being channeled through front groups from the US Chamber of Commerce to front groups that have hijacked the Tea Party label like the new one just started by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife Virginia to dump millions of dollars into advertising and PR to frighten Democratic members of Congress to vote against health insurance reform.

In Strange News...A new study shows forensic scientists could soon use hand germs to help identify criminals and victims. Noah Fierer of the University of Colorado study says, "Each one of us leaves a unique trail of bugs behind as we travel through our daily lives," and added that hand bugs could "become a valuable new item in the toolbox of forensic scientists."  Fact: we have more non-human DNA and cells in our body than human DNA.  Each of us is actually a complex and unique biosystem!

How Much Better Off would America be If 6 Republican Presidents Hadn't Stolen The White House?

Thom plus logo It's about time the last one, Trump, is held accountable

Trump's impeachment trial is coming up in the Senate, and already his allies are trying to throw up procedural roadblocks to exhaust the effort to hold him accountable. Should America "move beyond" Trump? No friggin' way.
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