Healthcare: everything half price?

healthcare is right imagesEver seen a local rug company with a huge sign out front that says, "Going out of business - everything half price"?  And they keep that sign out for a year or two?  And you visit the store and discover that all the so-called "half prices" are actually half of the prices that were doubled just before the sale began?  Well, Nancy Pelosi is concerned that health insurance companies may be doing a variation on that right now by jacking up rates before the new health insurance reform bill kicks in, and says that the new legislation has a "national rate review board" that will check out insurers to make sure they're not playing the rug-merchant game.  The only problem is that it relies heavily on reports from state insurance commissioners, many of whom are in the pocket of the insurance companies.  Is the glass half empty or half full?  Time will tell.

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