Highlights on the Show...March 15 - 19, 201

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Hour Two: Green jobs...pathway to economic recovery or "obsessive distraction?" Thom has a rumble with conservative Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum www.iwf.org

Hour Three: Everything You Know s Wrong - "American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us" Thom challenges Jessie Ventura, former Independent Governor of Minnesota, about his new bookwww.trutv.com


Hour Two: Why is the religious right dumbing down homeschooled kids? Thom talks with Professor Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago about the missing link in textbooks...evolution http://jerrycoyne.uchicago.edu/about.html

Hour Three:  "Who Broke America's Jobs Machine?" Thom speaks with Barry Lynn, author of "Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction" www.newamerica.net


Hour Two: "Health Care Sequel...The Empire Strikes Back?!" Thom reminds Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute that, in part 3, the good guys win!!www.businessandmedia.org

Thursday and Friday - KPOJ's Carl & Christine are in for Thom Hour


Friday, March 19th, 6-8pm - Demos and the New York Law School Chapter of the American Constitution Society present an evening with Thom Hartmann - "When Corporations Became People."  Thom will also talk about his updated book "Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights"...event is at New York Law School Auditorium, 185 W Broadway, New York, NY...free tickets at www.demos.org (and click on events)


Making Progress (not verified) 13 years 11 weeks ago


This is an Excellent 20 minute interview with Cornel West about our society. He is able to articulate our current culture crisis in a way that I've never heard before.
Which leads me to my Question for Thom: With all the dialogue and all the discourse in American society what/where/how is an organized movement of the majority of Americans going to take power away from the powerful few, because this has to happen? Call it what you will (just don't call it a revolution). Thom has said before that nothing changes without a movement. Well, I'm college educated, unemployed, Live in DC and would like to make a career change into movement politics. How do I do it?

Donald Grbac (not verified) 13 years 11 weeks ago

It is good to see Jesse Ventura coming on the show. His Tru.tv program on 9/11 was right on the mark.

I very strongly believe a new independent investigation of 9/11/2001 is absolutely mandatory for our continued freedom, and will drastically change the way we Americans think about the world and our future for the better.

We need to keep the pressure on for a new investigation!

Kim Kaufman (not verified) 13 years 11 weeks ago

Note to progressives: According to Jane Hamsher yesterday on the radio, MoveOn is running ads in Ohio to get rid of Kucinich because he's against ObamaCare. I knew MoveOn has been co-opted by the White House but this is disgusting.

textynn (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

I have a few questions.

If corporations are people then can I deduct my health care costs as maintenance costs ?

If corporations are people can I deduct all my living expenses like corporations deduct their costs of doing business? Like food and gas are things I need to run my overhead.

textynn (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Moveon.org folded . I think it's just the WH or someone else with the domain name. NOt sure about that, but I remember the letter on the page saying it was folding because it was too time consuming.

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Michael Moore on the Current Health Ins. Legislation



Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


What do you mean "Moveon.org folded?" It's online right now:


Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Health "Insurance" vs. "Care" Reform

This morning, I heard Pres. Obama refer to this health reform legislation as "health INSURANCE reform." This is what I have been calling it for some time now, but this is the first time I've heard Obama call it what it is (tho, of course, there is not ENOUGH reform.)

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Grayson's 3 1/2-page "Medicare for All" Bill Gets Huge Support - Part 1

Rep. Alan Grayson has presented a short bill opening up Medicare to everyone. Video:


Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Grayson's 3 1/2-page "Medicare for All" Bill Gets Huge Support - Part 2

Rep. Alan Grayson's "Medicare for All" petition to sign:


mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@textynn -

Whachoo talkin' bout, Willis? I've been getting even more mail than usual from MoveOn.org over the past 2 weeks or so.

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


Re: "You do get a basic deduction and corporations don’t. Their’s is based on profit, what is yours?"

How about "income?" God knows, though, since Reagan, income for the middle class has continuously deteriorated.

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Now it looks like we've got 2 blog pages for today - lotsa folks are also posting on yesterday's page.


Gonna go link this page over there, too.

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


Next question --- WHAT middle class???????

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


That's the blog for yesterday...

Mark K (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Pardon the interruption, but I want to take a moment for my weekend sports interlude. I have to admit that Ari Fleischer wasn’t the best selection to handle Tiger Woods’ PR in advance to his return to golf (just look at the mess he made of Mark McGwire’s “rehabilitation”), but on the other hand, I think most people are ready to move on. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of sports commentators who just want to draw the Woods’ salacious saga on, and on, and on. Tiger Woods’ appearance at the Masters should be seen as a boon to the sport, but most commentators seem to have chosen to see it as a negative. He hasn’t behaved “contritely” enough for their tender sensitivities, he hasn’t groveled in the mud enough to satisfy them. It isn’t enough that the press has taken its pound of flesh, waxing frenzied and insuring that Woods has lost tens of millions of dollars in endorsements. Funny how Michael Jordan’s dalliances with at least one porn star didn’t cause sponsors to abandon him; it certainly helped that the media didn’t dwell on it. Perhaps there is a different dynamic at play between Jordan’s principle audience (black), and Woods’ (white). “They” made Woods a star, and because he exceeded expectations further than they could accept, “they” can unmake him too. For myself, if Elin has “forgiven” him, I’m willing to move on; after all, I have my own life to worry about.

Meanwhile, Woods’ fellow (white) golfers insist that there has been “great” golf being played in his absence, except that if that’s the case, hardly anyone knows about it. And how can it be “great” if they don’t have to test themselves against the best golfer of the last ten years and who may continue to frustrate frustrated white golfers for another ten? I wouldn’t give a damn about golf it wasn’t for Woods (because of golf’s elitist image), and now I might even watch an LPGA event if Paula Creamer is in the top four on the leaderboard (because the LPGA operates on such a shoe-string budget, it can’t afford to deploy more than two television cameras). When Woods’ returns for the Masters, TV ratings will undoubtedly go through the roof. That’s good news for golf, but “bad” news for his fellow golfers, and that is why they are trying to con the ones who still care into their way of thinking that everything is “great” without Woods in the picture.

Last Friday I mentioned baseball player Torii Hunter’s remarks about Latino players. He hasn’t been the only one making numbskull comments on this matter; one can always count on Gary Sheffield, who recently dissed Latino players as being “easier” to control than black players. "Where I'm from, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.” I suppose he means that if you spent your youth on the inner city mean streets “earning” respect by exuding a whiff of violence, saying “Yes sir” to The Man who pays your multi-million dollar salary when he asks you to behave only works until you get your guaranteed money upfront. Or he might be talking about the guys who if you don’t how sufficient “respect” for their manhood, they’ll ask you to at least respect their “little friend.”

(At this point I’d like to mention to those prima donnas who work for UAL who also like to talk trash, that I am quite prepared to lob some key-stroke missiles their way, even if they are union and not on the clock. When I watch them on the ramp, it reminds me of the old jokes about how many people does it take to screw-in a light bulb.)

Ozzie Guillen called out Hunter on his remarks, but most commentators dismiss him as “crazy” even when he does make perfect sense. Seventeen of the top 50 salaried MLB players are Latino, so they are hardly keeping salaries down. The fact of the matter is that African-American (as opposed to Latinos of African descent—those “imposters”) participation in baseball has declined as participation in football and basketball have increased. 75 percent of NBA players are black (with European players increasingly replacing white American players), and nearly 70 percent of NFL players are. The question is why. Outside of soccer, baseball is the most popular sport in many parts of Latin America, and baseball is actively supported by communities and even countries. This is not so in many inner-city environments. Baseball requires greater community support than other sports. For basketball, all you need is a hoop and a ball; for football, a vacant lot and a ball. But a pick-up game of baseball requires a sandlot, a bat, a ball and eighteen gloves and kids who have the patience to learn particularly skills. You can play an informal game of basketball or football without a referee or an official; in baseball, an umpireless game is likely to cause chaos. High schools in inner cities, besides lacking facilities, are rather less interested in providing the resources necessary if interest in baseball is a distant third to football and basketball.

Once again, Latinos are being unfairly scapegoated for merely filling in the void for declining interest in participation by other groups. The real problem has to do cultural shifts, lack of resources, and lack of community commitment.

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@Kim Kaufman - MoveOn polled it's membership last week regarding support for the health care bill. MEMBERS overwhelmingly opined that ANY step would be better than no movement at all.

Can an organization be co-opted by a majority of it's members? I don't think so.

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@Quark re: insurance reform vs. care reform -

Reconciliation can ONLY be used for BUDGETARY issues. Health Insurance reform IS a budgetary issue. Health Care reform is NOT. So that's where we are now.

Zero G. (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Kucinich and the Media
by David Swanson | March 18, 2010 – 10:03am

When I worked for Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign in 2003, he routinely won the most applause at debates but was minimized or entirely left out of the next day’s stories in the corporate media. This meant that peace, and fair trade, and single-payer healthcare were left out too. At one debate at the University of New Hampshire, Kucinich pushed back.

Ted Koppel of ABC opened the debate with questions about endorsements. The second round of questions was about standing in the polls. The third was about the campaigns’ bank accounts. One had to wonder when, if ever, the debate would touch on, you know, what the candidates intended to do if elected. Kucinich cut Koppel off, saying:

“I want the American people to see where media takes politics in this country. We start talking about endorsements, now we’re talking about polls and then talking about money. When you do that you don’t have to talk about what’s important to the American people.”

More: http://smirkingchimp.com/thread/david_swanson/27424/kucinich_and_the_media

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


Thanks for the info. on "insurance" vs. "care" reform. :-)

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


I will throw out a simple metric: quality of life. DOWN! God knows!!!!!

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


I get SO tired of Repugs. and corporatists using government to privatize everything that once was part of the "commons." They are amoral or even sociopathic and their disregard for the rest of us. They suck this country dry and move its wealth UPWARD to those who Gengis Khan once killed when he conquered cities --- the useless upper classes!

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

s.b. "sociopathic IN their disregard..."

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


It's wonderful that YOU are doing well. A lot of us in this country are NOT, through no fault of ours. You are an .... when you mock people, you cease to make this a blog on which to sincerely exchange points of view.

Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Chris Matthews Confronts Tim Phillips, Head of Americans for Prosperity

An interview that asks the questions Phillips and others should be asked more often (video):


Quark (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago


"You are an.... " meaning you don't seem to be aware of anyone but yourself.

SoloPocono (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

I AM LIVID!!!!! MM just brought this article to our attention WRITTEN by a RIGHT-WINGER Talk Radio Personality!!!!!!! I CERTAINLY HOPE that THOM-and our other Progressive talkers will either CONFRONT this FRAUD-or/and at LEAST get up and walk out during his "award" for "charity"!!!!! This is completely DISGUSTING!!!!

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

So ... which blog page are we posting on TODAY???

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

… and if Thom is out, does Bernie get the day off, too?

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Well mstaggerlee, I'm moving to this blog today, but I'm betting their will be dual blogs going on today too.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Couldn't hurt if you repost your comment on the 17th Daily blog letting members know that is blog is in effect.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Fridays without Bernie is like a Birthday without a party. :-(

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

I'm not happy with the bill. Some parts really disturb me. That said, I think it is essential to pass it now, before we're down to passing nothing.

(Still want to vomit when mandates are mentioned)

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

HEY, RUTHERFORD! - you wanna sincerely exchange a viewpoint or two? Here' are a couple to chew on ...

1) I'm sure that even YOU can accept the notion that in a healthy economy, there is some kind of a balance between SUPPLY and DEMAND. For the past 30 years (since your namesake was President), the pendulum has been getting pushed exclusively towards the SUPPLY side. Now, for the most part, DEMAND is collapsing - GLOBALLY!, because the people who comprise the greatest global market for consumer goods are systematically being put out of their jobs and their homes.

2) The whole concept of the "Ownership" society is beginning to collapse, as the investor class (e. g., YOU!) sits by the pool waiting for your dividend checks. You demand GROWTH, above all, from your investments. THAT is why, for the past 30 years, productivity has increased annually while wages have flattened.

Ever hear of a guy named Henry Ford, Ron? I have some grudging respect for the racist bastard, because he knew something about how to SUSTAIN a business by taking the LONG view. Ford recognized that if he paid his workers enough that they could afford to buy the products produce in the factories they worked in, he'd CREATE a market for himself. Do you think the 9-year-olds in Singapore that BUILT your 48" Plasma display & 3 GHz computer are making enough to buy those items? Do you think they can even DREAM of making that much?

Enjoy your private little "micro-economy" while it lasts, Ronny-boy. It's all gonna come tumbling down around your ears, far sooner than you expect. Don't be lookin' in here for a soft place to land when it does.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Well Ron, you seem like a clown to me, and I don't think anyone here finds your dreck enlightening.

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

That's a very familiar song you are singing there, Mr. Phillips - but I'd far prefer to have my health care claims handled by a GOVERNMENT bureaucrat, whose wages are NOT dependent upon his claim-rejection ratio, than an INSURANCE COMPANY bureaucrat, who job DEMANDS that he reject as many claims as possible.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

They have a name for the throw aways... Peasants. Unfortunately there are a lot of peasants out there that believe if they whole heartily support the ruling class that they'll achieve a better title. Tea Bagger doesn't seem to be a better title to me, but that the badge of honor they seem like to tout now.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Well Ron if that's how you feel about pass then read bills, join me in calling for the repeal of every piece of legislation that the Republicans passed in the middle of the night mere hours (or less) after putting their gregarious bills on the table.

BTW, how long do you have to sit and think before coming up with your (dubious) zingers... looks like at least a 1/2 hour to me. Do you have to call someone to get ideas?

LeMoyne (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@Ron, 'pass then read" bill ?!?
If the Republicants haven't been able to read the Senate bill since it was passed last year or before they sat down to talk about it with the President last month or even since then shouldn't they lose their job? The job of a legislature is to deliberate and vote on legislation. If they can't be bothered to read it that is one thing - to complain that they haven't had the time is to say either 1) they cant read at all or 2) they wont read it. Job avoidance pure and simple - cause for firing in ANY job. Maybe you should work to recall the Republicant non-readers in Congress instead of spamming in here eh, Ron?

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@Nels - There ARE NO ideas on that side ... he has to call someone for the correct talking point.

@Ron - If _I_ can read "Atlas Shrugged", _YOU_ can read the bill!

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

For those who don't have the time or energy to waste on reading RR's reply to my post, I'll summarize ...


Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@mstaggerlee, well said.

I love Ron's Aircraft Carrier comment. So Henry Ford was building a product for the average man, but it was just a side effect that he paid his quality workers enough to buy a product made for the working class. If his workers could produce as many Aircraft Carriers as they could cars per day, well then perhaps they should be paid enough to buy their own Carrier.

LeMoyne (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Apple inspected its plants in the Far East and found wage, hour and child labor violations. From a news report 3/1/2010:
More than 60 of the 102 facilities visited by the company's inspection teams were found to be working their staff more than Apple's stated maximum hours - itself a pretty high figure, at 60 hours per week. Many were also paying less than the minimum wage, or depriving staff of basic benefits such as sick pay.
Three suppliers tried to fiddle the books to hide underage working or excessive hours. Apple isn't revealing which suppliers were breaking the rules.

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@wRONg Rutherford, re:"Just ridiculous to tie work output to consumption."

I've been working on the bleeding edge of the electronics industry for the past 33 years, creating non-consumer products that make most people's eyes glaze over when they ask me "What do you do?" You ARE correct that nobody here gets paid well enough to buy our products - then again, nobody who works here would WANT one ... kinda like an Aircraft Carrier. However, pretty much everyone who works here IS paid well enough to buy a 3 GHz computer or a 48" Plasma TV ... if they do want one.

So - your statement, copied above, seems to indicate a belief that wages (consumption) should NOT be tied to productivity (work output). Enlighten us fools in here then, Professor, to what SHOULD wages be connected?

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Sorry Ron, I know the Patriot act wasn't passed in the middle of the night, but it certainly wasn't allowed enough time to read to being voted on.

Look that one up Ron.

mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@wRONg Rutherford, re: "The one time that {I remember} the Republicans working so hard to get something passed “in the night” was ANWR and that never did pass even when using the same techniques Pelosi is using now

Jeez - guess you forgot all about Medicare Part D, huh ... passed around 2 AM, by waiving their OWN rule regarding how long votes may remain open.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

The Tax Cuts for the wealthy Ron, passed by reconciliation.

Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Here's some more about the fair and balance Republican congress.


Nels (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

Article on the Tax cuts for the wealthy.


mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 10 weeks ago

@wRONg Rutherford -

Pelosi hasn't yet called the vote, and won't till she knows she has the votes - that's what the Speaker of the House is SUPPOSED to do.

Denny Hastert established the "finish the vote in 15 minutes" rule for Congress when he was Speaker. HE opened the vote on Medicare Part D and HELD IT OPEN for HOURS while he shopped around for additional votes.

But I guess it's all the same, eh?

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