Janitor vs. CEO

janitor imagesMinneapolis janitor Rosalina Gomez said she didn't get it at first that she was cleaning up the offices of the CEO of the bank that had her foreclose her d home. The CEO is Richard Davis of Minneapolis-based US Bank, the nation's sixth-largest bank and recipient of $6.6 billion in TARP bailout funds. On Feb. 28, Davis received an "Executive of the Year" award from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal --  just 11 days before Gomez and her family had to comply with an eviction order.  Increasingly, America is beginning to resemble the Victorian era England that Charles Dickens wrote about.  A few very, very rich and a lot of working poor.  Reagonomics and Clintonomics and Tom Friedman's Flat Earth theory have destroyed the middle class of this country, and once it became known that Rosalina's eviction was related to the CEO whose office she cleaned, she needed a security detail to continue doing her job.  Thanks, Ronnie, Bill, and Tom.  And, so far, Barack.

In Strange News...The American Family Association, the powerful right-wing so-called Christian political organization, blogged that, “If the counsel of the Judeo-Christian tradition had been followed,” Seaworld animal handler Dawn Brancheau would have never died. AFA blogger Bryan Fischer reasoned that according to Exodus, an animal like Tilikum should have been stoned back in 1991, and if biblical law were to be followed, the owners of Tilikum should be put to death.

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