Pay Cuts for Congress? & "Big" Governments Republicans Mandating Marriage......

budget imagesRep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) introduced a bill last week to slash pay for members of Congress 5% or $8,700 a year — and freeze their automatic cost-of-living increase. With Congress’ approval ratings “spiraling downward,”  Kirkpatrick said, “Families across the country are getting by on lower wages…so why shouldn’t senators and representatives have to feel the same pinch?” The cut would be the first since the Great Depression. She said she’s already started handing over 5 percent of her pay every month.  Hey, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick - how about instead of leading the entire country, including Congress, to ever-lower wages and bringing us all to Wal-Mart pay levels, how about instead increasing the minimum wage, change our trade and tax policies to bring jobs back to America, and break up the big vulture corporations that put out of business local companies and prevent entrepreneurs from even starting new companies?  Stop promoting the Republican idea that we should all be paid less, and take us back to an era when worker pay increased along with corporate productivity.

In Strange news - An Oklahoma state lawmaker is on a mission to save your marriage. Rep Mark McCullough is supporting State House Bill 2634 that would require every couple to go to at least 8 hours of counseling before they get a marriage license.  "Big Government" Republicans trying to force Government into your bedroom?  Wait a minute - I thought Republicans thought government should get smaller and go away.  Except when it comes to abortion.  Or marriage.  Or smoking pot.  Ah, those Big Government Republicans.  Can't live with them, can't get rid of them.

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