AM950 Billboard - Miss Me Yet? Check it out!!??


0x 13 years 9 weeks ago

I miss Bush because he energized the left. Is that like missing cancer because it made T cells?

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Choco 13 years 9 weeks ago

I remember the original "miss me" billboard was in Minnesota. Is this the same sign after somebody climbed up there and edited it?

I like this version better. Minnesota is where they voted in Michele Bachmann, isn't it? What's in the water up there? Minnesota might be emblamatic of the politcal divide in this country, the Minnesota right elects Michele Bachmann while the Minnesota left elects Al Franken. When you contrast these two Minnesota politicians they couldn't be more opposite.

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slicerdag 13 years 9 weeks ago

I miss Bush because I am a political idiot that welcomes the greatest divide between the rich and the poor; not to mention the total decimation of the Middle Class. I would like to cite this blog It is an example of why we need Americans to have some knowledge of political history to avoid such poor reflection of who I consider to be the worst President in American History. I am talking in terms of economics, world standing, Constitutional degradation, criminal behavior, and torture.

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