Can NAFTA be Repealed?

Four congressmen have submitted to Congress a bill to repeal NAFTA. Free trade appears to be losing its base of support on Capitol Hill. Six anti-free-trade Democrats - Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Jon Tester of Montana, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, and Jim Webb of Virginia, plus Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont - captured Senate seats formerly held by free traders. According to one analysis by Global Trade Watch, no fewer than seven Senate and 30 House seats flipped from pro- to anti-free trade in the 2006 election. This trend continued in 2008. Thirty-six new free-trade opponents were elected to the House and seven new free-trade opponents were elected to the Senate in the last election. Now it's become so apparent to everybody that the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Friedman flat-earth free-trade insanity has destroyed America's middle class that - almost the exact opposite of twenty years ago - no member of congress is highlight a free trade stance in their campaign efforts. One day soon we may see the insanity of NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, and the transnational corporate takeover of worldwide economies come to an end. The return of the protectionism that built American industry over the past 200 years may well also bring back our jobs and bring back our middle class!

The Arizona House on Monday voted 31-22 to bring to the floor a provision that requires President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate if he runs for re-election in 2012 and wants to be on the ballot in Arizona. It still faces a formal vote. Next we'll probably see legislation coming out of the Arizona legislature that requires brown skinned people to carry with them at all times papers that prove they're citizens or face arrest by local police officers. Oops. That bill was just passed by both houses of the Arizona legislature and is awaiting the governor's signature. What will they come up with to top that? Mandatory hoods at all public gatherings? Ya never know...

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