Canada has better Health then the US...

Research published in BioMed Central's open access journal has found that Canadians are living longer and healthier than Americans. David Feeny, from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Oregon, on the Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health, said, "Canada and the US share a common border and enjoy very similar standards of living, yet life expectancy in Canada is higher than in the US. The difference? The reports says the main difference is that Canada offers its citizens Universal 'prenatal to grave' health service, which is free, while Americans' access to health insurance is typically based on employment, income (Medicaid), or age (Medicare), and is not universal. While Obamacare is a step forward, it'll take years - and tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths during that time because people still lack insurance - to implement. Although NPR and PBS and the corporate media in America and our congress refuse to even discuss it, Single Payer national health care - what Canada has - is the easiest and cheapest solution to the crisis America faces. Vermont is the second state to pass a law making it possible, the first being California, although that law may be vetoed by Vermont's Republican governor the same way California's law was twice passed and twice vetoed by Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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Colo001 10 years 20 weeks ago

Come on lets not take a headline and twist it to fit your talking point.

How much longer are they living????? 6 months???/ 10 years??????

are they incapacitated or a thriving member of the community??????/

Why do they cross into the U.S. for the medical services???????

And by the way no one has answered me but what is going to be the reason that the new brightest minds go into medicine in the U.S. if this Health nightmare actually is instituted in the U.S.? If you take the obvious monetary reward out of the equation for the aspisring new Doctor why would the brightest not go into a field that would reward him or her for his or her ideas rather then Uncle Sam controlling what they make for income???

10 years after this thing begins all the doctors in this country will be from other countrys because the Americans schooled in medicine will go where the money is. Why do you think the majority of new ideas in medicine still come from the U.S.? I have never heard a person attending medical school say "I cant wait to make an average income"

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tmoney13 10 years 20 weeks ago

What statistical analysis was done on the life expectancy portion. For example if in the US people live to be 80 and in Canada it is 81, but the standard deviation of both sample populations was 10 years, then it is unlikely that there is any statistical difference between the populations.

Also did the life expectancy number include homicides which are far more prevalent in the US? Or did it take into consideration the lifestyles of the populations from each country? I am sure that if I ate fatty food, didn't exercise, smoke, drank, did heroin and played russian roulette in my spare time, that my life expectancy would be a lot shorter than that of nearly any Canadian irrespective of the type of Health Care I might get.

A little more substantive information would be nice. I guess I am not willing to swallow everything that somebody wants to spoon feed me.

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