Daily Topics - Thursday - April 15th 2010

At The Thom Hartmann Program - we're selecting a comment for a FREE Thom Podcast from this topic on our message boards - Are you going to a Tea Party? Yes or No and Why? The FREE Podcast will be announced at the end of the show Friday. We'll have a surprise comment tommorow too....It's a secret until then.

Hour One - Former Republican Governor NYC George Pataki Chairman of "Revere America"Paul Revere helped create a govt that opposed corporate power - Why do today's conservatives want to cut back government and elevate corporate power?

Hour Two - What happens when one small person tries to take on Big Coal? Maria Gunnoe A Coal Miners Daughter, Mountain Community Organizer/Activist-Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition www.ohvec.org

Geeky Science Rocks!! Did you know sometimes cell phones and driving DO go together?

Hour Three - Why would a tea partier try to help out the rich and powerful instead of working Americans? Ryan Hecker National Coordinator Tea Party Patriots, author of "Contract from America" www.thecontract.org

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