Dodd, Greenspan & Crisis...Oh My

After months of going after President Obama's proposal to create an independent consumer agency to protect borrowers from abusive lenders, the nation's top big-bank regulator has reversed course. Robert M. Garsson with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, now supports an independent consumer agency -- finding itself on the other side of the issue from an industry it polices and powerful lawmakers it answers to, who want to kill the proposed agency. Now Americans are keeping their eye on Congress - particularly Senate Banking Committee chairman Chris Dodd - who has the power to create an independent agency, but so far has instead proposed creating a weak agency under the arm of the Fed, the agency that, under Greenspan, helped create the banking crisis.


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Kai Wen 12 years 43 weeks ago

You know, I get so upset by this. This whole thing about refusing to let corpses fly on airplanes is simply discrimination against people who are metabolically challenged.

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