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The FBI is warning police across the country an anti-government group called, Guardians of the free Republics, is calling for the removal of governors from office and this could provoke violence by others. More than 30 governors had received letters saying if they don't leave office within three days they will be removed. Investigators do not see threats of violence in the group's message, but fear their broad call that could lead others to act out violently. With thousands of hours of hate speech being broadcast daily in even the smallest towns from coast to coast in America, and tens of millions of lying spam emails going out saying that Obama has committed or is about to commit all sorts of unspeakable crimes against our nation, we should be concerned. One of the Michigan Militia people arrested last week wrote on her blog, after quoting from a chain email she'd gotten that was spreading absolute lies about Obama, that she wanted to quote kill somebody enquote, it may well be time to ask if these radio and Fox News haters have stepped over the line to shouting fire in a crowded theatre.


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gerald 14 years 11 weeks ago

The hate must stop somewhere and at sometime.

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Choco 14 years 11 weeks ago

I remember not too long ago an African radio station was investigated for inciting violence between the hutus and tutsis resulting in thousands of gruesome murders. I can't remember the fate of the people involved at the radio station, they may have been sentenced and killed in a tribunal.

Of course, demonizing liberals and Jews and calling them in effect, heretics, is old history. The Inquisiiton ran in one form or another for over 600 years and systematically targeted heterodox thinkers because independent thought is anathema to Roman Catholic/Nazi and Italian fascisim.

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making progress 14 years 11 weeks ago
In the months before his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had expanded his focus on racial justice to include reducing economic inequality. On this week's 42nd anniversary of King's assassination, Bill Moyers sits down with attorneys Bryan Stevenson and Michelle Alexander to discuss how far we've really come as a country, how poor and working class Americans have been falling behind and what America must do to fulfill Dr. King's vision.

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Condor1 14 years 9 weeks ago

I cant find the blog on 'global warming' so here it goes...

Thom and followers please watch this important documentry. Here are real professionals, and their studies and conclusions.

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