Friday 23 April '10 show notes

  • Guests:
    • Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-VT).
    • D.C. Douglas, Actor, Writer Director, Voice Talent.
    • Jan Edwards, activist with The Alliance for Democracy, a coalition partner with the Campaign to Legalize Democracy. She was a member of the committee who wrote the historic Point Arena Resolution on Corporate Personhood passed in April 2000, and is organizer for Democracy Day, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Point Arena Resolution.
  • Topics:
    • "Brunch With Bernie"
    • FreedomWorks Bullies GEICO To Axe Voice Over Actor.
    • Corporate Personhood/Democracy Day events.
    • 'Anything Goes' Friday.
  • Bumper Music:
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  • Quote: "The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity". -- Rollo May.

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