Hooker?....or Cap & Trade?

Carol Browner, the director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, told Politico that if Congress doesn’t act to curb carbon emissions, the White House will. Browner said, “We’re not going to ignore a Supreme Court decision,” referring to a 2007 ruling that gave EPA the authority to treat greenhouse gases as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. “We take the court’s decision very, very seriously.” In other words, if Cap and Trade fails in Congress, then the EPA may just go ahead and put caps on carbon dioxide itself. An interesting strategy for the administration, should Republicans continue their obstruction and hysteria over cap and trade, would be for the EPA to do it themselves right now to provoke the Republicans to negotiate. Since wasting a year on health insurance reform and ending up with a half-assed bill to show for it, it appears that the administration has figured out Republicans won't ever negotiate in good faith unless there's a political threat that's a stronger incentive to them than all the money and free trips and hookers that the special interests have historically offered them.


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gt6 9 years 49 weeks ago

plants need CO2. They also thrive when smothered in excrement, but we need to keep that under control as well.

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TheVelvetJesus.com 9 years 49 weeks ago


I am declaring this Sunday (April 25th) – the day I predict Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona to sign into law a new draconian anti-immigration bill allowing police officers to subjectively harass anyone they suspect as “possibly being in our country illegally” – as National Wear a Sombrero Day!

National Wear a Sombrero Day is a political statement opposing the State of Arizona’s new law. But more importantly, it’s a way to confuse and “throw-off” an arresting officer’s “best judgment” and/or “probable cause for suspicion.”

Is Mad King Trump Deciding Which States Will Live and Which States Will Die?

Thom plus logo Mad king Donald has gone full Joe Stalin in the last week or so. He is helping his friends and punishing his enemies, and using the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans to do it. People are dying and more will die because of it.

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