Is it a Breast Cancer Death Panel?

Reuters is reporting that WellPoint routinely targets breast cancer patients. None of the women were aware of the others, but they all had something in common. The women had all paid their premiums on time. Before they fell ill, none had any problems with their insurance. Initially, all believed their policies had been canceled by mistake. Their health insurance carriers were all subsidiaries of WellPoint, which has 33.7 million policyholders -- more than any other health insurance company in the United States. Wellpoint then canceled their policies based on either erroneous or flimsy information. Wellpoint had no comment citing privacy. Meanwhile, Wellpoint's CEO, Angela Braly, took home more than $9 million per year in base pay, and unknown millions in stock options, during both 2007 and 2008, the most recent years for which her paychecks can be found.


REGALCAT26 14 years 8 weeks ago

This is about corporation personhood, I live in Ft. Walton Bech Fl and here we have a "Homestead Act" where you get a real estate tax break for living in your home, I purchased the condo next to my original one but in my corporations name, do you think I can "homestead" the condo in the corporaion name? My lawyer owns the radio station in Destin that carries your show, WNWF 1120 AM. I talked to him and he thought that it would be an interesting task to try.

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fbacher 14 years 8 weeks ago

This is just a reminder that even though we have "won" on healthcare, these guys are still not our friends. They will pull every slimy trick to delay implementation and every loophole to jack up rates.

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charell 14 years 8 weeks ago

PBS once again shamefully succumbs to pressure from corporate overlords on the health insurance issue.


Dear Michael Getler,

First PBS edits out T.R. Reid’s most important fact from his documentary causing him to remove his name from the project. That fact: America is the ONLY industrialized country where selling primary health insurance for profit is legal. (source: Thom Hartmann Radio Show)

Now PBS has distorted FRONTLINE’s latest piece, Obama’s Deal. Why was a decision made to edit an interview with a single-payer advocate and footage of single-payer protesters to make them appear to be activists for a public option instead? (Source: FAIR Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)

What has this country come to when we can’t even trust PBS not to distort the facts?

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." ~ Benito Mussolini

Oh… that.

Saying that I am disappointed is a severe understatement.

Charell W. Charlie
Pico Rivera, California

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