Next time God talks to you Rush - get out your hearing aid....

Friday, hate radio host Rush Limbaugh lashed out on the volcanic eruption that’s affecting air travel over much of Europe, saying it was “God speaking” in response to health care reform passing. The problem here is very clear. Rush has hearing loss, a side effect of all those years of taking Oxycotin & Vicodin that his maid was scoring for him. If his hearing was working he would have heard God more clearly, who said he was punishing the rest of the world for what it did to Iceland. The great republican recession crisis that spread in America in 2008 unleashed a economic epidemic that spread around the world. It was Iceland, with a small population of three hundred thousand that had the world’s highest GDP per capita and counted itself the happiest of all countries, that caught the worst economic disease and it has nearly finished them off. Yesterday the foreign minister of Iceland, Ossur Skepardisson, noted that their capitol city is in an area that is clear of volcanic dust and the sun is shining, that Iceland was stuck with 5.4 billion in IOUs because of the London and New York Bankster meltdown, and implied that Karma happens. "What are we supposed to do?" he asked rhetorically. "Say we're sorry for the volcano?" Other Icelanders, according to Kirk Semple in the New York Times, were pleased that the ashes of their economic meltdown were being sprinkled over Europe where it all began, or that quote "we want cash, not ash." Next time God talks to you Rush - get out your hearing aid.


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epdowd94 13 years 6 weeks ago

I am always amazed how it's only certain disasters are deemed, "acts of God" and judged by self appointed individuals as though they have the skill and understanding to do this. In New Orleans, it was God's punishment for embracing a wanton lifestyle and homosexuality. In Haiti, it was a secret deal with the devil, and now, Pastor Rush. No one claimed, when the Minneapollis bridge collasped that it was God "punishing" them for hosting the GOP national convention. What did those 29 miners in W. VA. do to get God's wrath? Any thoughts on Chile?

Most of all, I'm rather surprised that Rush didn't call the volcano a terrorist threat, disrupting air travel across the pond, bringing financial disaster to the airline and tourist industry, and bankrupting stranded travelers. Would it seem out of character for Glen Beck to suddenly conclude that the Icelanders have declared WAR on the EU, purchased a black market or North Korean Nuke, and STARTED THAT ERRUPTION BY THEMSELVES and THAT'S why Obama had the secret nuclear meeting!!!!!!! Of course the lack of radiation readings is a government coverup too! I mean, people, can't you just see this on a Glen Beck Blackboard? In FACT, regardless of which talking head you pick, isn't this a better lead story than "God's Wrath"?

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Captain7081968 13 years 6 weeks ago

Simply another attempt for organized religion or more accurately the blind patrons of organized religion to deny science and offer crude explanations, remnant of ancient history, to the ignorant masses.


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