Send your children to China....

It's being reported that Klamath County School officials in Oregon are thinking about chopping the school week to four days to save the district $6.3 million annually. District Superintendent Greg Thede says that a $5.8 million cut to his $60 million budget and nearly 20 layoffs last year jump-started the district to form a committee to study the possibility of cutting Fridays from the school week. Right. Cut taxes, especially for the rich, and destroy our schools. Maybe, if Grover Norquist and other shills for the truly wealthy in this country get their way, our children will be able to emigrate to China and work in their factories? Since Reagan, we've seen college go from free or near free to crushingly expensive for working class kids. Is high school next?


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Lightshipclear 12 years 49 weeks ago

Let Them Secede!

I think that the states which are threatening to secede should be sent packing. Let them go their own way and do things all their way.

I would love to see them enact their "ideal" goverment based on their insane political ideas. Let them experience for themselves how disfunctional the ideas and policies their leaders are proposing actually are in the real world of everday life.

Let's see them live in a world with NO social safety nets; with NO gun laws; with NO regulations on businesses - especially banks, health insurance companies and corporate farming companies. Let's see how quickly they come back to our door begging for help. Let's see how happy they are living with rigid laws based on evangelical doctrine. Let's see how prosperous and happy they would be with the rich guys holding all the cards and huge multi-national corporations deciding how long their work days should be and how much money they should make.

Can you say "foreign aid from the U.S.?" Does anyone remember the movie "The Mouse That Roared?" - A small country was formed and declared war on the U.S. They then surrendered and applied for foreign aid from us.

Let's see how the survival of the fittest philosophy works in actual practice when they are forced to live on minimum wage with no health care or any other benefits. Let's see how they like eating unsafe foods, working in unsafe work places and seeing their families facing gunplay in the streets.

I say Lincoln was wrong. He should have let the South go. We might have avoided 150 years of turmoil, conflict and distress.

The big problem with this is that no state is totally red, there are still lots of progressives living in those states we think of as "red" states. I live in Virginia. But wouldn't it be interesting to see what would happen to those who want to secede and who want to implement all these crazy conservative ideas.

Let them ban all abortions, ban all immigrants, ban all gays, Jews, Muslims and Blacks. Let's see how an all-white, all straight, all Christian country would survive.

So let them have it all their way and choke on it. LET THEM SECEDE!

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making progress 12 years 49 weeks ago

Despite its "monopoly-like dominance" controlling 70 to 80 percent of all concert ticket sales, Ticketmaster is unabashedly seeking to grow its empire - all to the detriment of the average fan. Ticketmaster is now trying to dampen competition by merging with Live Nation, the nation's largest concert promoter and second largest primary ticket seller. That merger is coming under heavy fire from consumer and industry groups and Members of Congress, particularly because of the clear anti-consumer and anti-competitive effects.

- Yet another example of Monopoly Capitalism. How much longer will this crap go on?

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