Tea Party - Reality Bites....

Boston Tea PartyIn the home of the original Boston tea party, a different brand of pseudo-revolutionaries, the Tea Partiers are gathering today.

Multimillionaire and former Alaska half-Governor Sarah Palin, will be there as part of a 19-day, 49-stop tour by the Tea Party Express corporation, a billionaire-funded tour that began in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight. Boston is the next-to-last stop before concluding tomorrow -- Tax Day -- in Washington DC.

Ironically, the real Boston Tea Party was a protest against huge corporate tax cuts for the British East India Company, the largest trans-national corporation then in existence.

This corporate tax cut threatened to decimate small Colonial businesses by helping the East India Company pull a Wal-Mart against small entrepreneurial tea shops, underpricing them and driving them out of business.

That first million-dollar act of vandalism by a band of anti-globalization and anti-corporate protestors in November, 1773 kicked-off a series of events that ended in the creation of The United States of America.

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