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The best way to ensure quick passage of the King Act when is for it to have as many co-sponsors as possible. You can help by asking your own Senators and Representative to co-sponsor the legislation. To find out how to contact your members of Congress, you can go do, and click the "Tell Congress" link. A short, polite email or phone call--asking them to co-sponsor the Martin Luther King Records Act when Sen. Kerry introduces it in the Senate and Rep. Lewis introduces it in the House--would be most effective.

This is a rare opportunity for Americans to actually to do something about needless government secrecy. The 1992 JFK Act was passed unanimously by both houses of Congress, and while that level of cooperation seems unimaginable today, it' s hard to think of any legitimate reason why a member of Congress wouldn't want to co-sponsor the new King Act.


Penny Ryan 13 years 8 weeks ago

I extended my hand Thom, as you had suggested. I thought about we the people having more in common than not and it was very provoking to me. I was verbally assaulted as I stated a fact of insurance reform. 80% of premiums going towards health care cost and no caps on benefit pay- outs. These were facts and not supposition. The reactions I had encountered were venomous and hateful with name calling directed at me and this administration. The anger was palatable and violent actions seem inevitable, if I had continued to try finding common ground. Unfortunately I believe this so called "news" media is inciting anger and contempt. Between the lies and misinformation there will never be common ground. The other day you used a term "dumbing down" in America and as I thought about it, religion in its own way, through the many years of teachings, leads people to look outside themselves to resolve many issues, which in turn causes me to believe, this in itself is "dumbing down". I can not believe our U.S. Attorney General can not do something in terms of the hate rhetoric and the actions of this republicans party promoting lies. Fox "news" and other media outlets tout "freedom of speech" but they are ignoring the exemption, you can not yell "fire" in a crowded theater, or inciting a riot. With the hate crimes bill I would think there are some laws written that would make the republicans in contempt for their propagating the protesters into extreme behaviors. I hope and pray something is done swiftly, as people are going to get seriously hurt.

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mchllecat 13 years 8 weeks ago

I agree wholly with Penny above me, I also would like to add that it is against the law to smear someones reputation with lies & misinfo it's called slander,very easy I would think to extend this for these reasons of hate spread through misinfo and downright lies from Republican party,last during elections honesty is needed most for the US citizen to make a proper guess as to who is best to serve US yet GOP continuously lie to get votes,Misrepresentation or scamming the public to gain office should be illegal NOT just playing politics,I am so proud of the Dems for usually taking the "high" road and being better people but this hate is spreading to quickly and growing for NO GOOD REASON other than the GOP are sore losers and dont play well with others.GOP using fear as political tool needs to stop.

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