Banksters and their Giant Casino

The Financial Times is reporting that European lawmakers are working hard to push through legislation for more regulatory oversight of the hedge fund industry, despite Britain’s new government begging to hold off.

The French and Germans (not to mention the Greeks!) have had it with a few dozen banksters in New York and London using naked CDO swaps as bets against European country's treasuries - their debt - with nothing to back up those bets.

The banksters have been playing "Heads I win, tails you lose" ever since Phil and Wendy Gramm - with the help of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich - blew open Wall Street in 1999 and 2000, turning it into a giant casino.

Banksters in London and New York have extracted hundreds of billions of dollars and pounds from investors over the past few years, and they want to keep robbing us in their legalized betting schemes.

American and British politicians are now so addicted to their cash that they're afraid to stop them, so the job falls to the Germans and the French.

Pray for the success of these nations in stopping this cancer on our economies.


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allisone 10 years 19 weeks ago

Thank you for being the voice of reason and common sense.
I am late in writing this comment about a woman’s question from the Wed., May 12 show about an Americans who give birth overseas.
The United States will recognize that child as a full American citizen if born on ‘federal’ property such as a military installation. If a birth takes place on foreign soil, the child is considered a dual citizen, American and of the country of birth. If the child lives in the U.S. for five consecutive by the time he/she is 18 years of age or older, they may go to the Department of Immigration and Naturalization to apply for full United States of America citizenship. One must fill out the application and have one witness sign to verify the five consecutive years of residence. The applicant then receives a document of Naturalization as a full American citizen.
I had to go through this process in 1972 as my father was a U.S. Army soldier stationed in Germany, married my mother, who was a German citizen at the time of my birth and did not qualify for use of the base hospital. I was born in a German hospital. My mother did not receive her U.S. citizenship until I was nearly one year old.
It was actually quite a blow to me to find out that as a Naturalized citizen, that I could never run for president, as it is required to be born on U.S. soil.
My father always told me I could be anything, even president. Once I received my Naturalization document, I realized this disqualified me.
I suppose most people would not be affected by this one fact, but in setting my sights as a child to be able to achieve the most honored office and highest service to my country (as taught by my father), this reduced my goals to not be involved in seeking a political office. Although, it did not affect my participation in the political process.
Bev A.

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alexkharyu 10 years 19 weeks ago

Hello Thom fans:

I stumbled on to a site worth checking out. Maybe if we all sign up and be active in the forums and in our neighborhoods we can rebuild America again. Well, manufacturing will still be a problem after we are all networked online and offline, but I think this is a good site to start from if we all believe in this.

The site is but don't jump right in until you read the stuff I uncovered about It's best to be a bit wary at first in an age of all these fake, hidden-agenda movements out there, anyway, right? That being said, I think this is the best honest attempt yet by being outraged without causing harm or being otherwise uncivil.

So here are some problems with the site that I'd mention up front:

1. It seems to be related to conservative sites.

#1 related site is Drudge Report.
#2 related site is
#3 related site is The Daily Caller (Tucker Carlson's site).

Not that it's a bad thing. Thom tries and sometimes succeeds in getting agreement from the conservative side of the aisle. And note what is at the end of that search page:

#8 related site is Huffington Post (Who among us hasn't been there yet?!).

2. Their most recent YouTube video seems to try to almost discredit Global Warming (or Climate Change) at 1:09 from the video linked below. But it seems that this isn't the only problem with "honesty" of the video. There is already a healthy debate of facts going on between YouTube members on this page.

Given that, there are also great things to report on

The current "Emergency Swarm" asks you to contact Bernie Sanders of Vermont and keep fighting for the Audit the Fed bill.

I also saw this code of conduct and this simply warmed my heart in this age of "uncivility." I wouldn't want to have a debate with racists or even "closeted racists," ("Oh, no, I'm not a racist. I just want my country back." *cue the groan*) so this makes me believe that they aren't here, or here abundantly, at least.

(That page includes the following rule: "9. We agree not to attempt to contact elected representatives or other Swarm targets at unlisted personal numbers or locations without invitation. We will not make public any such number or location. Additionally, we agree to keep one another's contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers private and will not share such information without consent.")

On those rules... which I hope you've read by now... doesn't it seem that it was written by a Thom Hartmann listener than someone who reads Drudge and the Daily Caller? The more I think about and what this site represents, I have to believe that those who have started understand the nature of movements that "when a stranger is being hurt, I am being hurt, too" is as common-sense as movements get.

Which leads me over to the forum. There are categories already set up to poke around in, however I found some specific posts that should garner your interest in

But again... please note, I found that they have twice as many interests on the opposite side of the isle, at least, in the moment I wrote this...

Then again, I saw this page that seems to reflect the ideals of people who like transparency... Who are the major players of Well, there is a page to answer that question...

All in all, I hope this site is a good find! Maybe we can get the rest of the country to adopt a sound monetary policy, as well as an affirmation on how to have a sound political debate! So what do all of you think?! Is this a "networking site" we've been waiting for to get active in??? Well, maybe it's just me, I'll admit to that... :)


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davec/mn 10 years 19 weeks ago

It's good to know that the French and Germans haven't been corrupted by the likes of Goldman Sachs and the other bankster entities that are a cancer on the whole world.

It would seem to me that the Bank of International Settlements would be weighing in on this as well. They are after all, the central bank for all of the worlds central banks. It is hard to imagine that they would overlook the actions of these bad actors, who shook most of the worlds economies, through their egregious actions. The BIS should be doing some arm twisting on this, or do they give a rip?

Beyond the French and Germans attempting to save our collective bacon, Americas citizens should be raising up and raising hell with their Congressional delegation.

There are a number of nonpartisan issues oriented organizations who are organizing around this right now! Join with them:,, and......

Rember, No Organizing, = No Power, =NO CHANGE!!!!

Republicans ruthlessly reshaped America to hold onto power - can Dems do the same thing to save it?

Thom plus logo In the power grab to fill the Supreme Court seat announced the same evening as the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mitch McConnell didn't do anything new. The GOP has a long history of playing hardball power politics.
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David C. Korten, author of The Great Turning and When Corporations Rule the World
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