Daily Topics - Tuesday - June 1st 2010 - Live from NYC

Hour One: Should Americans continue to be forced at gunpoint to subsidize Brian Fischer and his ilk about Hitler and pink swasticas? Thom confronts Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association afa.net

Hour Two: Israel's High Seas Disaster and more on the Volcanic Oil Spill...Where is Big Government when you need them?

Hour Three: Isn't the oil blowout PROVING the stupidity of Objectivism, in that it's always remedial and never preventative?? Isn't WalMart and Miley Cyrus just a smaller version of the same thing, that we'll see over and over again until millions are dead from your philosophy? Thom has a rumble with Alex Epstein of the Ayn Rand Institute www.aynrand.org

Plus, how to take our jobs back from China - Scott Paul of the American Association of Manufacturers www.americanmanufacturing.org

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