Daily Topics - Wednesday - May 26th 2010

Quote: “The money power denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.” -- Democrat Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan

Hour One - Should BP's Tony Hayward be put in prison for murder, manslaughter or environmental terrorism? Richard Stein, marine biologist and former University of Alaska fisheries extension agent

Plus...Gulf oil spill is killing his business Kuzma Tesvich Louisiana oyster harvester...his family has been in the business for generations

Hour Two - Have our privacy rights been eroded to point where the police are coming to your house next? Valerie Burch www.aclupa.org

Hour Three - Why is it that people aligned with the climate deniers tend toward violence while the people associated with people concerned about climate change tend toward bake sales? Dan Gainor www.businessandmedia.org

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