Daily Topics - Wednesday May 5th 2010 - Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Hour One - U.S. Congressman (D-IL, 4th District) Luis Gutierrez http://luisgutierrez.house.gov Is it possible to build a society that doesn't depend on poverty level wages?

Hour Two - Keith Sadler UAW worker lost his job,
barricaded in his foreclosed home When is America going to revisit FDR's Homeowners Refinancing Act?www.ustream.tv/channel/toledo-foreclosure-defense-league

Plus...Jeremy Scahill www.rebelreports.com Erik Prince says Afghani's are just "barbarians who crawled out of the sewer".

Hour Three - Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA, 3rd District) Should members of Congress be allowed to bet against falling markets??? Really??

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