Daily Topics - Tuesday June 22nd, 2010

Hour One: If we deport 1 liberal for every illegal alien...how many conservatives can we deport for each barrel of oil spilled in the Gulf? Thom challenges Congressman Steve King (R-IA) http://steveking.house.go; Plus, Is what Fox News says true...that the Gulf efforts are failing because of beaurocracy? Congressman Brian Baird has the latest from the Gulf Coast http://baird.house.gov

Hour Two: Do we the people allow rich people to incorporate to serve society or to serve rich people? Thom has a rumble with conservative Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum www.iwf.org

Hour Three: Should gonzo porn be regulated by the Feds? Thom talks to internet safety expert Donna Rice Huges of Enough is Enough www.internetsafety101.org; And, Aden Fine, staff attorney for the ACLU will be here www.aclu.org

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