Get Ready for The McChrystal Soap Opera

In calling the top officials of the Obama administration whom he criticized to a Rolling Stone reporter, Gen. Stanley McChrystal is reported to have said, ‘I’ve compromised the mission.’” But the real issue here is only related to McChrystal inasmuch as we are currently following in Afghanistan a strategy he has advocated since the Bush years called COIN, generally known as counterinsurgency. But because the counterinsurgency strategy requires a strong local government to exist so that we can eventually withdraw and turn things over to that government, we've been supporting the totally corrupt and awash-in-heroin administration of former Unocal - now Chevron - oil executive Hamid Karzai, whose brother is also one of the biggest heroin dealers in the world. Whether McCrystal is fired or not is frankly irrelevant - unless it means that our military and diplomatic strategies change. McChrystal basically blackmailed President Obama into continuing Bush's war with Bush's strategy - a strategy of counterinsurgency that this nation last tried a generation ago in a nation then called South Vietnam. While all the corporate media will be discussing the People Magazine type of story that focuses on the personalities and conflicts among a few senior military folks and insiders in the Obama administration, making it into a huge soap opera, keep your eye on the real story: will this singular moment in time be seized by Obama as an opportunity to repudiate Bush's and McChrystal's Afghanistan strategy and instead go with Vice President Joe Biden's very well thought out and straightforward strategy to join virtually all of our European allies in getting our troops out of that country.

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