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So often we catch people doing things wrong but really the best way to motivate people and to create a positive world view that gets people active is the catch people doing something right. Thom would like you to catch someone in your family, community or life doing something right. Did your local politician legislate in favor the citizens instead of "big money?" Did your child or parent show up at the local Democratic or Green Party and make a difference? Did a local journalists do an investigative story that helped the community? We are going to choose one comment on the "I Caught You Doing Something Right" message chain and they will receive our "limited edition" Pigeon T-Shirt pictured here. Besides The Thom Hartmann staff - this is it! ONE!! In order to win - you have to be signed up for our FREE Newsletter which includes "our stack" every article and bumper music from each day. We'll Choose on Friday, June 30th. So...Tag, You're it!


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Lore 14 years 1 week ago

While the USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republic --- didn't actually have COMMUNIST in their name, the Republicans like to clai that the Socialist ideas by Democratic Party members is leaning to Communism! However, the Texas History book fiasco has the Republicans wanting to remove 'democratic' from the 'democratic republic' definition of the USA! So, I guess the Republicans have their own agenda for COMMUNISM!!!

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Lore 14 years 1 week ago


went to a vigil last night. Only a few showed up because of the rain but they made some great signs! People driving by were supportive!

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Lunarelle 14 years 1 week ago

On Mother's day, knowing that my only child is now in university in Australia, a friend brought her teenage son and new puppy over to help me with my garden. Best mother's day in years! No pigeons were involved.

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orlbucfan 14 years 5 days ago

I found your comments on JFK's handling of the steel industry crisis very interesting. I was a kid during those times and Big Steel was right up there w/oil and the MIC, etc. Shortly after, he was murdered in Dallas. I don't buy into conspiracy theories, but the greediest human beings are the shit that rises to the top.

I voted for Obama. I have been a progressive futurist all my life. My one doubt is that BO is a rookie, a greenhorn who really knows very little about the sewer/shit stream that the worse humans swim in. They also are very powerful and stop at nothing to keep it that way. Examples: the Bush Bunch (dummies and all) and Cheneys.

I wasn't surprised by BO's speech. But, I live in Florida, and I sure am tired of the dumbest and the cretin lifeforms that are now calling the power shots. My use of expletives is deliberate. These so-called humans are lower than that.

Bwalker28 13 years 15 weeks ago

Your awesome Thom. I too have never seen a baby pigeon. Very provocative line of thinking. Its up there with the flying spagetti monster religion. Thank you for helping shine a light on the ridiculous assumptions that Obama is anything but American born.

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brian a hayes 13 years 13 weeks ago

the soka gakkai international global family sending prayers of Nam Myho Renge Kyo to the ppl of Japan and the Soka Gakkai members working in relief efforts to help their fellow citizens

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charell 13 years 13 weeks ago

I was caught on camera at the Hollywood March 19th Peace Rally supporting Wisconsin workers. I had a funny idea and I got a lot of attention for it. I made little flags of "Koch Sucker Scott Walker" and stuck them in piles of horse poop at the rally. I found 3 different piles and each time I started placing my flags I was surrounded by cameras and microphones. I knew someone would post them online.

Here's the link: http://www.storiestoldbythecamera.com/?p=1742

I would LOVE a Robot Pigeons shirt, My friend, Holly, actually wrote a song about Robot Pigeons. As soon as we record it we'll send it to Thom.

I'll be wearing size XL soon (I'm on Weight Watchers)

I hope my idea and action is worthy. Thanks!

Charell W. Charlie
8420 Manzanar Ave.
Pico Rivera, CA 90660

Home 562-862-0929
Cell 562-233-8579

DELETEBusGreg 13 years 2 weeks ago




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Carina 12 years 19 weeks ago

My seven year old raised money for orangutan conservation. We're ridiculously proud of her for thinking of the idea, organizing it, and having the stamina to see it through all by herself. see http://tobob.com/201202/how-to-save-an-orangutan/

We so often catch our children doing something wrong...we're really enjoying this chance to catch her doing something right.

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Global 12 years 2 weeks ago

Check out what is going on in Chantily, Virginia with the Bilderberg secret meeting of the world elites. Follow them and you will find the root of all evil. Look it up and follow the citizen media of what is really going on. The Bilderberg conference.

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R.A. Stewart 11 years 37 weeks ago

So who won the T-shirt? (Oh man, a shirt with a pigeon on it, I so wish I'd seen this earlier!)

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Solar 11 years 35 weeks ago

Trickle Down Trade is how we should be referring to what Republicans and Clintonite Democrats call free trade.

Free trade means tariff-free or tariff- reduced trade where country A manufactures product A and trades with nation B for product B with a reduction or removal of tariffs.

Trickle Down Trade is giving tax credits to corporation A to move the manufacturing of product A to nation B in order to exploit cheap labor and lack of work safety in order for the wealthy to profiteer by taking advantage of the lack of tariffs intended for product B on nation B.

This translates into redistribution of wealth to only the richest, who then offshore their profits away from America and our middle class and our economy. There is no difference in the outcome whether it is tax cuts on rich incomes or tax privileges for corporations that promote foreign manufacturing of American products.

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Gavriel 10 years 46 weeks ago

(this is a duplicate post because of fears that the last post would not get seen/sorry)

thank you Thom you are truly a freedom fighter and I am continually surprised at the quality of your knowledge of history and the quality of your arguments in the face of ignorance or lairs, I am not sure, but any way I am posting to respond to a guy on 8-2-2013 called in and asked you to dedicate one hour a week to teaching activist tools and tactics, he basically asked about strengthening the grass roots progressive movement, I am apart of a group that is doing that and more if he would like to inquire please e-mail me at gavrielinmotion@hotmail.com, (Gabriel) or he could go to the schools web page www.newmessage.org (the new message community is a religious group, but my new message community action center group is multi-faith and some are non faith based focus, but all are progressive activist) I agree we must be bold.

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