The Only American Part of BP was the BP Oil Disaster

The LA Times is reporting that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded in the Gulf "was built in South Korea. It was operated by a Swiss company under contract to a British oil firm. Primary responsibility for safety and other inspections rested not with the U.S. government but with the Republic of the Marshall Islands — a tiny, impoverished nation in the Pacific Ocean. And the Marshall Islands, a maze of tiny atolls, many smaller than the ill-fated oil rig, outsourced many of its responsibilities to private companies." On the other hand, early reports from survivors of the Deepwater Horizon explosion say that the problem was a major shouting-match fight between a BP official on the rig and a Deepwater Horizon official about how to cut costs and move action faster. The BP official won, the company saved money, and the rig blew up. CBS, which did the interview of the Deepwater Horizon survivor who told the story of the fight between the rig operator and the BP official, has since scrubbed the interview from its website, and President Obama, rather than vilifying the corporate criminals involved, is trying to shift the conversation to failures in the Minerals and Management Service, the government agency that had oversight over the permits for drilling. In that, he's following the first rule of modern American politics: Don't pick on the poor transnational corporations - they may well fund your next election campaign.


Pablito's picture
Pablito 12 years 33 weeks ago

I quite frankly am not going to waste my time and watch or listen to the Prez.

He has said enough,and done nothing for all the talk,he musters.

And if you are a progressive what exactly has this Prez done for you to continue

supporting him.

I voted for the guy & that was a mistake.I will never vote GOP.

progressives must vote for progressive candidates or we will always be playing by the Corporate Dems rules:

"If you don't vote for Obama we will loose out on the Supreme Court".Well.we have already lost on the Court

What more can it hurt once you have lost your job,your house & your dignity.Is this what we are fighting

to preserve.....A Prez that has been ineffectual to ordinary Americans

Show me where Obama has nominated a progressive judge, instead he has chosen corporate friendly Kagan & Soto Mayor.

Vote for this guy again & the longer it will be for us to dig ourselves out of the pit.

The faster the ship sinks the sooner we can rebuild our democracy.

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RandyWinn 12 years 33 weeks ago

"The faster the ship sinks the sooner we can rebuild our democracy."

How did that work for Germany in the 1930s?

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Doctor M 12 years 33 weeks ago

Thom/Louise: This comment doesn't have anything to do with BP. It is a reply to Thom's comments last week about treatment for Frozen Shoulder, and his invitation for comments from listeners.

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RuffianRuns 12 years 33 weeks ago

You were wrong when you said that CBS scrubbed the interview about BP taking shortcuts. Just kidding about the "you were wrong" part. I just watched it last week, and I found it again by going to the 60 Minutes Home page and going to the "NEWSMAKERS" section. You can scroll sideways through this section with the little arrows on the right of the "NEWSMAKERS" title bar. The links are below, and I hope this is what you're looking for!

Deepwater Horizon's Blowout, Part 1:

Deepwater Horizon's Blowout, Part 2:

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mccarty 12 years 33 weeks ago

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