Tea Party or Trash Party?

The tea party and their corporate-funded backers FreedomWorks complained that the individual mandate in the new health care law was an unlawful. Now, local chapters of the tea party and FreedomWorks are collaborating to plan a protest in Gwinnet County, Georgia, to voice their latest grievance against a serious, excessive, and oppressive exercise of massive governmental power — mandatory home trash collection. Yes, seriously. They're protesting the county's requirement that people dispose of their trash. Where were these idiots when REAL governmental power abuses were going on as people were being arrested at Bush/Cheney rallies for having Kerry bumper stickers on their cars, or the government was kidnapping often innocent people and torturing them to the point of becoming mental vegetables? Where were they when Bush and Congress ended Posse Comitatus - the 1870s law that says the military may not turn its guns on citizens within the US?


neobutneverthe1's picture
neobutneverthe1 12 years 41 weeks ago

This continues to be my question with one of my best friends who has been indoctrinated into the tea party by his brother. Where were you then and where will you be when there is an old, white, rich Republican in office? He insists he will still be fighting but I guarantee, if this happens at all - it will be with much less zest.

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Kai Wen 12 years 41 weeks ago

Joint Pain: Are you still taking Resveratrol? A lot of people on the internet are reporting joint pain as a side effect of resveratrol. I had to stop taking it, because my hands swelled up so that it felt like I was wearing leather gloves that were a size too small. It took about 3 weeks for the swelling to completely go away after I stopped taking resveratrol.

NASCAR patches: Someone could PhotoShop that. Just post a web site with the legislators' pictures, and paste the logos over their suits. It would make a good visual depiction of who owns who. It would make a nice poster too.

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Bonsai 12 years 41 weeks ago

This is further evidence that the Tea Party IS the American version of the Taliban.

What's totally disgusting is the fact that most of our American Taliban has no idea how stupid and how foolish they make themselves appear and the others are happy to let them do it so they can take advantage.

(turning off rant)

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pixl8ed 12 years 41 weeks ago

I heard on another program here in ABQ that Goldman-Sachs forced a new low, both in the stock market and in morality. It was called a "forced recession" and was done in response to a Congressional debate. True?

TimFromLA 12 years 41 weeks ago

Well, you can always threaten them by saying, if they refuse to pay their trash bill, they sanitation company won't deliever

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preznit 12 years 41 weeks ago

Pigeon Alert literally crashes into Full Monty alert

hey Thom- whilst riding in the <a href="http://www.atxbs.com/?q=node/2989" >world naked bike ride </a>(link NSFW) in Austin on Saturday a pigeon flew out from a building on Congress Avenue (Austin's Main Street) and crashed into my face (no serious damage, but quite the surprise.) I expected it's navigational system would have been good enough to avoid me, but apparently the leaders from the planet Xenu were so freaked out by the display of naked flesh they sent a disrupt and destroy signal to their robot underlings

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preznit 12 years 41 weeks ago

and as far as the original post goes, they should see what the residents of Colorado Springs think about their basic services disappearing due to massive tax cuts


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monsieurb54 12 years 40 weeks ago

Thom, if I'm not mistaken the "tea party" movement started in the late 90s with Alex Jones. Prior to April 2009 there was tons of tea party activity, almost all of which was within the Ron Paul movement. It has since been hijacked by neoconservative hypocrites, and -- surprise! -- only THEN do the mass media, the HuffPo, etc. only realize the tea party movement exists. Right at the very minute an opportunity to label all of them as hypocrites arises (note: I'm not involved with any tea party stuff -- just observing what I've seen).

The true tea party people *were* protesting Bush's police-state measures back then. The neocons were not -- as they had not yet hijacked the tea parties.

And forcing someone to pay for trash services is indeed force. Just because it's a necessary service for human beings doesn't mean that all of a sudden people have an objective duty to "pay for it" through taxation.

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padlake 12 years 40 weeks ago

As the pledge (http://www.teapartypledge.info) states, privatize local garbage!

In my village, they privatized our garbage collection about a year and a half ago, now charge us $20 / month for it on our quarterly sewer bill instead of paying for it out of our taxes and, last time I checked, the only thing optional about it is not putting my totes at the end of my driveway.

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