Tea Party or Trash Party?

The tea party and their corporate-funded backers FreedomWorks complained that the individual mandate in the new health care law was an unlawful. Now, local chapters of the tea party and FreedomWorks are collaborating to plan a protest in Gwinnet County, Georgia, to voice their latest grievance against a serious, excessive, and oppressive exercise of massive governmental power — mandatory home trash collection. Yes, seriously. They're protesting the county's requirement that people dispose of their trash. Where were these idiots when REAL governmental power abuses were going on as people were being arrested at Bush/Cheney rallies for having Kerry bumper stickers on their cars, or the government was kidnapping often innocent people and torturing them to the point of becoming mental vegetables? Where were they when Bush and Congress ended Posse Comitatus - the 1870s law that says the military may not turn its guns on citizens within the US?

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